Tuesday, August 30, 2005

still no phone - and getting fed up fast

I am still without a telephone. It is a royal pain to be without a phone, but Mustafa says he doesn't feel like going and having it turned on. He says he is too busy. Hopefully he will go today. So in the meantime I am still having to use the internet cafe in my nieghbourhood. It is inconvienient and the computers are not as nice as mine is at home, not to mention the fact that if I need any of my files while I am at the internet they are all on my computer at home.

One thing sad thing that I have to face everytime I come to an internet cafe is the young 'ladies' who use the computers to make dates (?) for themselves. Today I'm working away on ploughing through my emails and I get a tap on the shoulder. I look up and it's two girls - or maybe ladies - it's hard to tell these days. They want to know how long I intend to stay. They want my computer because it has a good webcam. I give them a rather long look and tell them 'I'm sorry - you will have to wait.', and this is what they decide to do -choosing to sit at the computer directly next to me.

They get themselves all geared up - chatting with at least six guys at once while simultaneously talking to them on their cell phones. Actually it's really one girl doing most of the talking. The other one is about 15 years older than her and is mostly just telling her who to chat with - she is bossy. I'm curious and keep half an ear on what they are doing.

The older one keeps grabbing the phone and saying things like - 'You can see her in a minute - the webcam isn't free yet - here talk to her a bit.'The older one is in the meantime telling the younger girl/woman 'Don't bother with him, talk to this one'. and telling her what to type for the guys she is only chatting with. The younger one has all kinds of voice chats going on - sometimes she switches from Libyan Arabic and starts speaking Egyptian Arabic. I deduce that the older one is the pimp and the younger one is a prostitute.

The guys all want to see what she looks like(she is dark but has on lots of powder - to look lighter while on webcam). Every few minutes they turn to me and say 'Sister, are you gonna be finished soon?' - I just glare at them as a reply. After a bit they are really working themselves up. They've got a hot contact that really wants to see them first. 'Oh please sister, how much longer are you gonna be?' UUUghhh! I can feel my blood beginning to boil. They try holding the guy off by saying they will meet him outside - he should just drive by and look to see if he is interested, but the guy is not budging - he wants to see the goods on the webcam before he makes up his mind.

I am nearly finished with the computer. I am thinking about being nasty and uninstalling the webcam.

They say prostitution is the oldest profession. I guess Libyan prostitution has become modern. It's sad - and most of all I wish it weren't happening in my neighbourhood. . . sigh . . .


  1. Hi There

    what you saw and experianced is pretty common this days. sad but this is how some libyan ladies and girls behave again its sad but what can you do NOTHING hehe ..Values and respect is out of the windows LOL...they call it Moderen life i call it mental Deficiency....EHBALL WA KELLAT ADAB.


  2. Very sad . . but now I am happy because I am back on line from home. The phone bill has been paid - thank God!


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