Monday, February 28, 2011

A solution

This is just getting rediculous. It's like when you step in chewing gum, or even worse, dog poo, and it gets stuck on the bottom of your shib-shib and you can't get it off. No matter how hard you try; you rub your shib-shib on the ground, on the grass, on the edge of the street curb, or you get a stick and try to push it off. But it just doesn't want to go.

The solution: It's time to throw those shib-shib away!  


  1. Dear Khadiya,
    Keep the spirit up that you are being part of something very beautiful. A new Libian nation is being born day by day. I've just read in an Spanish paper in short stories describing the steps of the process: you already have an structure! a new one being built from below, quasi zero. Imagine the potential if everyting carry on like that! I'm sure the end is very near. All my love and my thoughts!

  2. take off the shib-shib. do not throw it away. while poo may be good for the ground, the shib-shib itself might be toxic. burn the shib-shib.

    thoughts, prayers and love with you and the people of Libya.

  3. Path to Victory

    Let’s shut him off and stop his quack
    Shred him to pieces with a drone attack

    Libyans path to victory is getting near
    A time to be united & kick evil’s rear
    A time of salvation & getting rid of fear

    42 years of bloodshed, fear and sorrow
    We’ll trade all them for just one tomorrow

    To hell with evil & his 1st of September
    We will celebrate on the 24 of December
    Mahmud abudaber - USA Feb 28, 2011

  4. This is the best analogy for whats happening.

  5. Surrealistic interview !

    Such a denial or blindness is certainly psychologically interesting. I'm sure lot of specialists will write studies or thesis.

    However, the first question is how to make him leaving !
    Good luck
    Bye from France

  6. Two french planes are flying today, full of medical material, doctors, surgeons, nurses etc ... They have to land in Cairo and continue by road to Benghazi. These are normally the first 2 planes of numerous others.

  7. Khadijateri, thanks for the prayers and glad to see that you too are keeping your spirits up. We have made the right choice in sticking it out in Libya. We will have the front row :)
    Keep safe and inshallah we will all pull through magnificently.

  8. My prayers are with you and your family. Thanks for letting us know how OTE is doing. I also follow her blog Blu :-)


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