Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Libya, Oh Libya!

Another appearance on TV this evening. I waited to see if it was going to last longer than 15 seconds, and then when it was obvious it was going to be a long-winded speech, I went into the kitchen and made a huge bowl of popcorn. 

We watched, we snacked. We had mixed feelings: disbelief, horror, amazement, among other feelings, but mostly just disgust

During the speech the phones and internet were inaccessible. Afterwards the internet and phones came on as if a switch had been flipped. Then we went outside in the garden to hear what was happening. Since the speech ended we have heard car horns blaring and gunshots and machine-gun fire in every direction - louder than it's been since all this began. 

God help us all!


  1. All my supporting love from Argentina. I'm praying for your country.

  2. someone of twitter translated the speech to english in 2 short sentences:
    " everyone is on drugs except me. also, i am batman."

    stay safe

  3. Khadija Teri - I am so glad that you are safe - for the moment - I did not watch all the speech - but got the play by play on Al Jazeerah international - OMG - cannot think of much more to say. As far as I know Ayman is still in Libya as are his brother and sister-in-law - they live on the outskirts of Tripoli. I have been worried about all my family and friends in Libya - what a time - I thought it was bad enough in Egypt - but sounds as if things in Libya are much much worse.

  4. Libya O’ Libya Poem
    Angry from losing our peaceful Kingdom
    To a bloodthirsty thief of our freedom

    Gaddafi - that filthy name means turmoil
    We watched him steal our democracy & oil
    We said enough & our blood started to boil

    Brave Libyans are rioting, wave after wave
    Lined up, we can’t wait to piss on his grave

    He’ll be cornered & won’t get off our hook
    Burn him over the bonfire of his Green Book

    Libya O’ Libya, to hell with our Dick-tator
    Choke his sons like a dying carburetor
    Poison to him & to his daughter a vibrator

    Fighting evil, whatever will be will be
    Revenge time, we’ll avenge your Lockerbie
    Mahmud abudaber - USA - Feb 21, 2011

  5. Hang in there all of you. watched the old man this morning--wondering how long can this go on. CNN is reporting from Eastern Lybia now.
    Keep safe. Reader in virginia

  6. bizarre speach... as bizarre as the speaker himself

  7. Lots of courage!!I've been gluede to internet since all this began and I think all the time about your family. I'm sure it will be finish soon and Lybia will become the wonderful country that has the potential to be.
    lots of love from Madrid

  8. I've been trying to keep up with everything that's going on and can't begin to tell you how worried I've been about everyone I got to know while I was there... You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers through all of this.

  9. Good luck. The regime can't last now, that sort of craziness is the death rattle. They won't go peacefully though. Keep your mind on the fact that Libya will be a better place for your children, soon. I'm looking forward to working there again, but this time in a free country.

  10. Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers from South Africa.
    I watched the full 75 minutes of 'Batmans' rant - and didn't know whether to laugh or cry!!
    LOVE the Twitter summary : "Everyones on drugs except me & I'm Batman".
    Hope you can take time off from the terrible strain you must be under to laugh too .... XXXXXX

  11. What if any is the situation in the area. No word from Tripoli area at all on news. I pray for everyone.

  12. Thank you KhadijaTeri, We have been glued to the internet and TV since this all began. We are worried about our family there. Have not heard from them for over 24 hours. Please stay safe as I am following you for any news on Libya.

  13. Been reading your blog one in a while for a view years now. I don't know you but found it entertaining.
    Hold on, take care and lots of strenght and courage for you and all the people.
    It is a unbelievable shame what is happening.

  14. Hmmmm It seemed to me that the general result was that people were out in the streets in support of ''NORMALITY'' Strange that you got a different vibe from this. The people here OUTSIDE TRIPOLI were excited and happy for the first time since Friday.
    Of course that was untill 15 anti goverment protesters , YES ANTI GOVERMENT Fired on them....a machine gun 15 versus about 20,000....The 20, 000 they are trying to free

    GOD HELP US ALL is right The way Al jazeera is reporting this, we are all in for it...A pity that the REAL news is NOT getting out.

    Khedegah M Libya

  15. Am praying for my family there and also you and your family are in my prayers. I cant believe what is happening. Try to be safe and may Allah protect you all.

  16. We are all thinking of you! Stay safe, as best as you can. You were so smart to buy all that stuff the day it started because it sounds like no one can safely leave their house.

  17. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers... keep praying please!!!!!

  18. KhadijaTeri stay safe! Are all the ladies from the the group safe? Praying and thinking of you all! Miss you all! Sr. Khadejah Malek


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