Friday, February 11, 2011

Having a little demonstration of my own

The sun is shining and the washing machine is going full-speed.

Egypt is still the main focus on the TV in the living room. I'm getting some inspiration from them:

I've decided to turn my garden into a Tahrir Square and go out there and demand that 'Husni Mustafa' get busy. I'll be shouting and chanting 'Paint the House! Paint the House! Paint the House!'  the kids will join me... my friends will join me... my fellow bloggers will join me. We'll get excited! We'll be chanting! Aljazeera will interview us! And if 'Husni Mustafa' doesn't give in to my demands and get off his butt and paint the house we will force him into exile.... at his mother's house of course.

Paint the House!
Paint the House!
Paint the House!

(We've been living here for a year and a half for God's sake!) 


  1. I've walked up Libyan streets from Zawiya to Imsallata, and I was always sincerely impressed by how good a painted house looked compared to the grey concrete or breeze blocks.

    Last time I was there was in Crimea, just outside Tripoli. There was a house there painted lovely kind of tan colours, which struck just the right balance with the local Libyan colours of the sand and the palms. I seem to remember parts of it were painted black, which set it off nicely.

  2. Garry... a little paint sure makes a hell of a difference! And once the painters get started it take them just a couple of days to get it done. I cannot understand why he is dragging his feet on this. I'm giving him his chance... but soon I'm gonna have to cross the line and get the workers out her all by myself... I'm trying to be nice and let him have his masculine Libyan pride and not interfere in 'mens work'. But I'm not gonna wait much longer. sigh.... I don't ask for much... sigh...

  3. White and Mediterranean blue, that's nice in a hot climate.

    Mind you, I've still not gotten around to creosoting our garden shed back home, after two and half years.

  4. I'm pushing for cream with pinkish-salmon trim. And the ironwork painted green.

  5. Assalamu alaikum Khadija Teri!
    My name's Khadija too. That would drive my dad crazy if I dared to.
    Wassalamu alaikum.

  6. Love it! So much more practical and tangible than democracy. Good luck!

  7. this is really a discusting & stupid sense of humer

  8. Good luck with paint job. I like your sense of humour.

    I feel sad for middle East. These revolutions dont bring peace or better leaders.
    They bring new greedy people to power.
    Middle East, Africa and Asia will never have honest leaders. It is in their blood to be corrupt.

    An African


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