Sunday, February 20, 2011

Live reports and eye-witness accounts... frustrating!

The Internet is still on and off... telephones are on and off too. 

Yusef went to buy cards for the internet this afternoon. He came back and said the 10 dinar internet card is now being sold in the shops for 15 dinars and there is a rush to by top-up cards for mobiles. I expected that recent events would raise prices. Last week I bought ground beef for 6 dinars a kilo and today it was 8 increase of 2 dinars a kilo. I didn't even ask how much chicken was today - I just bought enough to last about 10 meals and brought it home and put it in the freezer. Now lets hope the electricity doesn't go out.

There was the same rush to stock up on food today that there was yesterday (including me for ground beef and chicken). But when I went out in the afternoon in Benashur, Fashloum, Sidimasri and Ainzara the streets were normal with the exception of the occasional flag and poster-covered car, taxi or bus. The gas station was open and I filled the tank.

My dear friend is still stranded in Benghazi. The airport was closed today and there was no way to get out. Hopefully tomorrow she will be evacuated (we thought that would happen today). It's been frustrating - we can communicate by mobile but she has no internet so I've contacted her family back home to say she is safe. I cannot imagine the stress she must be under. 

Reports say that tonight Tripoli is upside-down but I live too far away to be able to say what's happening there. When I go out in my garden I can hear the sounds of car horns, shouts and noise in the distance. It's hard to tell where the noise is coming from - out in the countryside the wind carries sounds quite a distance and it depends which way the wind is blowing. We've locked all the gates because we've heard reports of people jumping into farms. The dogs will warn us if anyone comes near.

I'm going back to watch the latest news reports. So many different stories coming out tonight that I don't know what to beleive. I pray that everyone in Libya stays safe. God help us all. 


  1. I just saw that wretch Seif Al Islam Kazafi!
    To the Libyan People I say keep steadfast, stand your ground. Don't be afraid. That brat is trying to spread fear in your hearts.

    None can oppose the power of the people. No one not even that crazy idiot and his father!
    Look what happened in Tunis and Egypt.

    May God be with the libyan people.

    Almasri Alhor

  2. On the local news here in the states I heard there is talk of civil war over there. Be careful. Do you guys have a generator? I would stock up for awhile if leaving is not an option. The whole world is turning upside down.

  3. asaifa dhayti al-leban. this is a story of a man who wooed a waman for awhile. she would not marry him, no matter what he offered her. he offered her alot. next summer, she wanted some leban and she came and asked him for it. he told her- asaifa dhayati al leben. last summer you had the chance to get what you want, but it is to late now. so ... ya sief gadafi, you already misssed your chance. keep your offers. too late.

  4. Glad to hear that you are doing Ok!! I am Niamat (from Morocco, remember me? I am currently living in Houston, TX) All my in laws are still in Tripoli (Janzur and Quarqaresh) I am so worried about them. I tried to call them many times today but unfortunately I can barely hear them. I can't believe what they are showing in Aljazeera :( May Allah be with you all. Be safe!

  5. I really appreciate you posting at such a stressful time because even though we don't know you, all of your readers are worried about you and your family. Stay safe.

  6. Salam alaikum,
    I am praying for the Libyan people and inshaAllah your friend will be ok.


  8. I am glad to see you posting. Stay safe we are thinking of everyone there.

  9. Thanks to you all. Still waiting on the outcome of all of this. My friend is still stranded in Benghazi. We wait and see.

  10. Thank you Khadija for a fantastic blog. We don't know you, but since my husband is a libyan we read your blog almost every day. I am Swedish and we live here in Sweden, but my husband's relatives live in Tripoli and surroundings. We are so grateful that you open up the window to Libya for us. We feel as we know both you and your family and hope that everything is OK with you all.

  11. "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country." It seems like that statement should be more than a typewriting exercise.

  12. I am following CNN on a continous basis. I pray for the safety of the Libyan people. Your ruler is a madman (seriously). After listening to the English translation of his speech the other day I realize he is truely psycotic and an immense danger to the citizens of Libya. I only hope his power will come to a peaceful end soon and the people of Libya can experience a democracy.


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