Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quiet here

The number seventeen has been on everyone's lips here for the past two weeks. Tomorrow is the big day, the day Libya is expected to begin their journey to join ranks with Tunisia and Egypt. There are all kinds of speculation and rumors flying around. 

This morning I went to work as usual; traffic was normal. On the way home there was a group of high school boys in their green school uniforms in one of the traffic roundabouts. They'd been given posters of the Leader to carry. It all seemed so artificial. Traffic slowed down a bit as people drove by. Other than that it was the usual bumper to bumper ride home.

Hubby came home to say there was more of the same type of pro-Leader demonstrations going on in the city center. One guy started shouting anti-Leader slogans and was quieted when some plain-clothed security gave him some money. How weird is that?

I took the evening off. No point getting stuck in traffic. I'm relaxing at home with my family. All is quiet here today where I live. Internet and mobile phone service are working normally... actually the net is better than it usually is! The kitchen is well stocked, I have over a thousand books on my e-reader. Tomorrow is another day.... wait and see what, if anything, happens.


  1. I dont know if anything has changed in Libya, here in the UK we are only getting footage and images of Gaddafi supporters. Whats happened I wonder?

  2. Hoping for the best for you and yours.

  3. 'One guy started shouting anti-Leader slogans and was quieted when some plain-clothed security gave him some money.'

    LOL both DH & I. Take care, insha Allah all will be well.

  4. You take care. The future's a funny place.


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