Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day or night we are not safe in Tripoli

There have been helicopters today
up over head.
More than ever before.
All of them are moving
toward the coast.
I'm afraid to go outside to photograph them,
in case I turn into a target.
The dogs growl and bark.
The sun is setting now.
Tripoli is a nocturnal place.
Day or night,
we are not safe,
in Tripoli.

Feb 27, 2011


  1. My dear Khadija, you're in my thoughts these days... Be safe. Love

  2. Dear Khadija, I left Libya three years ago. I cried all night long thinking of all libyan friends and people that made me feel at home in the three years I spent in your country. My Libyan friends, at least the ones we could contact are OK, I will pray alla Libyans will have finally the the wonderful future they deserve.

    I'm following your blog since I was in Tripoli and will you aln your fantastic family a peaceful and safe future in Tripoli.

  3. Behi... Thanks - I think about you often too. :)

    Simona - Are you still in Tunisia?

  4. Be careful !!!
    Here is what I read :


    AJE source who was shot in the leg with rubber bullets on Friday says:

    Tripoli is a civil city no weapons here; we just fight with stones, even the ambulances are full of mercenaries ... you have to sign a document that you agree that your son/daughter was killed by protesters or they won't release the body ... lot of people have gone missing ... kidnapped from outside their houses, people paid 7000 dinars to kidnap ... my friends were shot by snipers on Friday ... they died, and an old man died in front of him as well ...around 40,000 people were protesting ... there many snipers around -i have videos, but they are after me - they will catch me.

    Bye from France

  5. dearest Khadija,
    I am reading your blog since last year summer....I wish that this nightmare ends better today than tomorrow for you, your family, friends and all the Libyans.
    I have friends living in the south and thanks god they are still fine...

    my thoughts, prayers and lots of love from germany! *keep the faith*

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with all in Libya - especially my friends and family - I check your blog daily to see how you are doing and I pray that everyone is safe. It is a very tough time - I am in Canada - but my sleep is disturbed by my worrying about friends and family in Egypt and Libya. Stay strong, stay safe. Allah be with you and yours. Maureen

  7. Prayers were being said in the catholic churches in Shanghai for you yesterday. Stay safe.

  8. I am from Canada and I feel so bad for what you are going through. Words escape me because like I said I am Canadian and have never had to deal with anything like this. Stay safe. I think about your plight often.
    Love from Canada

  9. I am praying every day for the best, peaceful outcome for you, your family and Libya. I hope the unrest is not prolonged and that you can feel safe again soon.

    I lived in Tripoli when I was a child, and came across your blog through a Google search. I loved reading your blogs and seeing your pictures of Libya. It is as you wrote: we can only look in. I will keep praying for you and your family.

  10. Salam sis,
    We all ask ourselves when will this end...... How will it end...... Did we make the right decision, to stay....It is a confusing time, for everyone especilally family back home.
    En sha Allah when this is finished we can all go 'home' ( all of us from different countries) for a well needed break. Can you tell me how OTE is? She has not blogged, en sha Allah all is ok. Pass my salams to her en sha Allah. Keep safe en sha Allah

  11. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers and kindness.

    Khadegha... OTE is fine. She's not blogging for reasons of her own. She's be back blogging soon.

  12. Again stay safe!

    Greeting from H.

  13. Khadija,

    My thoughts are with you and many friends I have in Libya! Hope this situation gets resolved soon!

    Wishing you and your family well!


  14. Hi Khadija,

    I sent you a comment last week about how it is in Tripoli and how far from it are you. You didn't publish it and now I realised that i shouldn't have asked you where do you live since you might not be safe then. I am sorry.

    I lived in Tripoli in 2007/08 part of it near the airport road. I am following what is happening and I don't pray since I am ateist, but I hope so much that it finishes soon and that you get rid of Ghaddafi and his son once and for all. I wish I could help somehow but I don't know how. Stay safe and keep strong!

    P.S. Don't publish this comment, I just wanted to write to you.

  15. Actually we left Tunisia more than one year ago, even though I still have frined there, and we are now back in Italy, where things, anyway, are not that nice......


  16. Libya is an example for us in North America where growing inequality and a decline in democracy is worrisome.

    We are inspired by your courage, and know that in the future we too may have to face something of the same.

    May God give you strength and weaken your enemies.


    British Columbia, Canada


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