Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Is it March 1st already?

The days are all pretty much the same lately. The difference in my house this week is that it's Jenna's week to do the dishes and she's incredibly lazy and doesn't do a good job in keeping up with it. So the result is there are piles of dishes on the kitchen counter. I need to cook and I hate starting out with a mess. Since my throat surgery  last year I try to avoid shouting (which never does any good anyway).

Jenna's been on my nerves lately anyway. I'm not sure what bugs me the most - is it her teenage attitude or is it the Justine Bieber hairstyle she's sporting? Maybe a bit of both!

  • Staying at home. 
  • Being domestic. 
  • Trying to keep Ibrahim from getting bored. 
  • Planted the top of a pineapple - I hope it takes root and grows. 
  • Listening for planes and helicopters overhead.
  • Reading the news on the net. 
  • Wondering when all this will end.


  1. Path to Victory

    Let’s shut him off and stop his quack
    Shred him to pieces with a drone attack

    Libyans path to victory is getting near
    A time to be united & kick evil’s rear
    A time of salvation & getting rid of fear

    42 years of bloodshed, fear and sorrow
    We’ll trade all of them for one tomorrow

    To hell with evil & his 1st of September
    We will celebrate on the 24 of December
    Mahmud abudaber - USA Feb 28, 2011

  2. I planted a pineapple once. I put it in water for a week or two before putting into the ground. I pealed off some of the lower leaves to expose the new roots. I read it takes seven years to get to fruiting age. I didn't have mine that long so I don't know for sure. I love 'found' plants. Free is my favorite price.


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