Friday, October 12, 2007

Surviving Eid

The first day of Eid is over and I survived it!

Bringing along a deck of Uno cards was a very good idea. It kept the older kids busy. I also brought my laptop along and filled all the boys mp3 players with music, so they were happy. And the smaller kids played with some pre-school/toddler games I put on the laptop just for the occasion. Even though the kids were busy, they were still noisy! A few of them had noisy toy guns and imitation mobile phones.

I spent most of the day sitting with my sister in laws and other female family members. Aside from interrogating each other about where they bought their Eid clothes and how much they paid for them, they talked about all kinds of really stupid and boring interesting things.

One topic kept them going nearly all day: They all compared who had stayed up the latest the night before. 'I didn't fall asleep until 7am!' one of them said. '7am! Oh I didn't sleep until 8am and then I got up one hour later.' said another. 'That's nothing. I didn't sleep at all!' the next one said. They all knew exactly what time they had gone to bed and the very instant they woke up and they repeated the details every time someone new came. 'Khadija what time did you stay up until last night?' they asked me. 'Umm... I'm sorry... I didn't know there was going to be a musabaka (competition) about it so I didn't look at the clock.' I replied every time I was asked.

Can you believe that it is possible to have an hour-long, in-depth discussion of various hair removal methods? I'm always so thrilled to spend hours discussing such interesting topics. I can't wait until tomorrow! I'll have to make a mental note to look at the clock the very second I fall asleep tonight!


  1. Dear Khadija, you made me laugh. I remembered the long sessions at my grandparents home during Christmas and Easter (twice a year). The topics were different(the prices of agricultural products, can a woman with kids work? - this was in the seventies in provincial Holland), but just as boring.

  2. dear khadija i think you are far too harsh about your in law's conversation , being simple is not a crime.

  3. Anonymous.... I am not being too harsh. I'm being realistic. And besides there is no excuse for them seeing that one of the commands given to Muslims is 'Seek Knowledge.'

  4. Muslims do seek knowledge! Just look at how much they know about hair removal! Besides, they are probably happy! Dumb people always seem to be happy....

  5. the only excuse for simpleness is having a low IQ... sigh....

  6. Ilove the comments of tankgirl, she looks so smart and 6y LooL. she is realy naughty

  7. Glad to read that you survived another Eid. Best wishes for many more to come.

    You ought to take the Learndirect test again. I meant to make the comment back then when you posted your results, but never got to it. This post reminded me.

    Definition of SOCIABLE Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This
    so·cia·ble /ˈsoʊʃəbəl/ –adjective
    1. inclined to associate with or be in the company of others.
    2. friendly or agreeable in company; companionable.
    American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source - Share This
    so·cia·ble (sō'shə-bəl) Pronunciation Key

    1. Fond of the company of others; gregarious.
    2. Marked by or affording occasion for agreeable conversation and conviviality. See Synonyms at social.
    3. Pleasant, friendly, and affable. See Synonyms at gracious.

  8. Hannu.. I am sociable. But how many times can one discuss the time they went to bed or awoke? Hair removal? - is that anyone's business but my own?

    Not one of my sister-in-laws can have an intelligent conversation. Their world is so unbelievably narrow. They don't work. They have no hobbies or interests. Most of them have little if any formal education. I have nothing in common with them.

    I learnt long ago that you can't/won't be friends with every one you meet. There are American women here in Libya besides myself.. and guess what? I'm not friends with all of them.. simply sharing the same nationality and language doesn't make for friendship. You need shared interests for that. My sister in laws and I don't share the same interests. I visit them, do my duty and get the hell out. THEY LIKE IT THAT WAY! They have nothing to say to me either. So it works perfectly, and we're all happy.



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