Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Finally getting around to this

I haven't added any links to my sidebar in a while. They've been accumulating in my 'to add' file in my Bloglines account.

So here are some more links to add to my collection. And here is the disclaimer that goes along with them:

"Please remember that even though I am adding these links their writers may not hold the same views I do. Also there are some blogs that are written in Arabic or other languages besides English. Although I can speak Libyan Arabic (my grammar is awful, but comical) I can neither read nor write Arabic, or any other language."

A New Life - a Libyan doctor in Ireland

Afnan and Aya - two Libyan students in the UK

Alone in Tripoli - a Libyan from Benghazi who is living in Tripoli

Being Me - a Benghazi citizen

butterfly - a Libyan/Arabic blog

CNN Libya - Khaled Jorni's news stories about Libya, and sometimes beyond.

Dusk till Dawn - a Libyan in Yorkshire

Epiphanies - An English Lit. student in Libya

Growl of the Sea - an Arabic/English blog by a Libyan software developer

Haya says...bla bla bla - an Arabic blog by a Libyan phlebotomist

James of Jamahiriya - one of Mani's friends

Libyan Bloggregator - an aggregator of Libyan blogs

Libyan Mind UK Life - A Libyan born and raised in the UK

The Lockerbie Case - Commentary and news about the case by Professor Emeritus Robert Black, a Professor of Scots Law in the University of Edinburgh.

Mr.Madi - a Libyan with a camera

Maya's spot - the life of a Libyan girl

My Personal Space - - PH.. who also has an Arabic blog: anarabtest

My random rantings... - A Pakistani girl who spent much of her life in Libya

naohama - a writer/poet/translator from Benghazi

Romana's words - Libyan female blogger

Tripoli Sweet Home - - another blog from Hibo


  1. Khadijateri i’ve got a suggestion. Have you thought to create a libyan blog aggregator like the Tunisian one. I think that It would be easy to Mr. Houssein BEN AMEUR to setup this aggregator and easy for you to administrate it I mean the community. I think if you send him a request probably you will get on with him. H's a gentleman.

  2. There is already a Libyan blog aggregator. But what is the point of it? Don't most people use a feed reader like Bloglines, or Google reader anyway?

  3. WOW! I am added!!, and the sitemeter says I got eight hits from your page, thank you very much, i REALLY appreciate it Khadija, may God protect you for everyone, where ever I go i read bloggers saying Khadijateri helped me doing this and that...Barak Allah feek, Eid is tomorrow!, so Wish you and everyone here Eid mubarak wa sa'ed :D

  4. thank for added
    (`'•.¸(` '•. ¸ * ¸.•'´)¸.•'´)
    «´`.¸.* Eid Mubarek*. ¸.´`»
    (¸. •'´(¸.•'´ * `'•.¸)`'•.¸ )

  5. ooops! I did not know it.
    Then i'm off-side? :-)
    and where can one find it?


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