Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Husband is an Aljazeera Zombie!

The other day my husband took the satellite receiver to be reprogrammed. He came back and plugged it in and immediately started searching for Aljazeera. Somewhere along the way he came across a concert with a woman singing and belly dancing.

, he shouted 'You gotta come here and see this woman! Is this a new singer?' I came in to look and saw the singer 'shaking all she's got' on the screen. Hubby was completely mesmerized. He wanted to know who she was and where she was from. He was certain the Arabic influence had just invaded the world. I just looked at him in disbelief. 'Thats Shakira. She's been around for a few years now. Maybe if you watched something besides Aljazero you would know what was happening in the world.' I told him.

I really don't know what happened to that man. He somehow got stuck in the eighties and then after that Aljazeera somehow invaded his mind... is there a cure?


  1. noop ....don't try to cure him ...just leave it like that !

  2. I guess he's switching from Al Jazeera to Al Shakira ... lol So here's the answer, just buy him all of Shakira music videos and that most likely will keep him away from Al Jazeera at least for a while.

  3. Try to make him watch any a good serial like "Prison Brack","Lost","NCIS", .... maybe they keep him out of Aljazeera some times.

  4. LOL!
    Everytime I visit your blog tears are running down my face...

  5. Assalamo aliekoum
    hi sis.
    if you could find a way, please let me know! 'cause my father is also Aljazeera addict

    I donno how AND why Aljazeera have this big impact on them..
    Anyways! I wish them earlier cure :)

  6. i'd rather have my husband watch al jazeera than shakira though

  7. His cure is the American CNN, that will balance him a bit. cause these (Aljazera&CNN)are 2 extrems.
    What you got is a typical libyan male mintality(I am one), they want to fix the world while setting in their livingroom.
    I guess as some mentioned, Shakira videos will do the trick:)
    Love ur humor

  8. One spouse is watching Al Jazeera and the other spouse is blogging. One is TV addict and the other is Internet addict. Both of you need to re evaluate your lives.

    It seems in the Arab world men are addicted to Al Jazeera and women are addicted to Oprah plus it seems they believe every thing what is said in both shows,

    One show makes money on being anti USA and the other show makes money on the misery of people lives.

    Your post reminded me of my sister in Law who happens to be an American, she was talking about a cookbook for kids written by Seinfield's wife, it was shown on Oprah, she was raving about the book and could not find the book at bookstores, I made a sarcastic comment, are the receipes Kosher,knowing they are jewish, she quickly snapped back and telling me I am anti semitic, but my comment was said for one reason, how people are fool to fall for a marketing scheme, when a celebrity markets another celebrity product. After a week from my comment an article came about the book and it was negative

    I think in modern time people are darn lazy to read a newspaper, either they watch TV or look for free news on internet.

    Make a deal with your husband, once a week TV and Computer are off limits. You complain about your husband on your blog and it seems your posts on your blog are posted very late at night.

    I am sure your female bloggers sympathize with you, it is natural for a woman to sympathize with another woman as if women are always victims :-)

    You have to remember man's toy is remote control, it is an ego problem, he thinks when he has remote control he controls the house.

    Thank god I do not watch TV I prefer the newspapers and Internet :-).


    One thing I have to admit you are sure multitasking lady and I do not know how you do it. Men can not do that, it is our bloody DNA

  9. Music Lover - It's nice to see someone else who doesn't watch TV. It's a very rare thing to find me sitting in front of the TV. No time at all for it. It's so much easier to get the news and information you want from the net, and much faster too.

    Yes indeed my days are filled - I spend the entire day multi-tasking. You notice that I often post late at night. Internet time for me is usually at night. It's the end of the day's adventures and the kids are settled - I can finally sit down and think... and because of the time difference between the US and Libya it's the best time to catch my family and friends back home online.

    uuughh oprah...

  10. sorry to say i dnt think there is a cure for aljazeera arab man mania and obsession with it:S loool my dad is the same, got hes even got to know how to use the net,... gues wat site he goes on .. YES el jazeera with all its glory watchin shows he missed at work gosh its funny: lool

  11. I walked in once into a news agency shop in Manchester to get the newspaper, while I was there I heard the familiar Al-Jazeera tune at the background, and I asked the owner who happened to be an Asian man from India “do you speak Arabic” he said "No" , so I asked him “ Do you understand the news that you watch? ” he replied ” No, but the picture is worth thousands of words, and I am sick of CNN and Fox news biased news, I need some balance" so as you could see, not just Libyan or Arab guys who got the Al-Jazeera syndrome :o) .
    To MusicLover : I agree totally with you , you hit the nail on the head.

  12. Heaven help you! Well, at least he hasn't discovered the charms of the "lovely" Haifa and Nancy yet.... when I'm with my boyfriend and a video of one of those two comes on, I can almost guarantee a zombie like state followed by brainless, "She's sooooooo hot even though she isn't pretty; I still can't take my eyes off of her".... I roll my eyes, I suck it up, and I giggle inwardly.


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