Monday, October 01, 2007

Making decisions

I found an interesting questionnaire on Learndirect. What sort of decision maker are you?

After answering the questions this is what it said about me:

You seem like an organised self-starter and confident decision-maker. Not only can you plan meticulously, you are also an ideas person and a problem solver. You have the adaptability to work on many tasks at once. You’re resourceful and like to gather lots of information and seek advice before making informed decisions. You’re self-aware and are sure of your strengths and weaknesses. You’re not afraid to try new things or take risks, and you learn from your mistakes.

You seem to have a strong sense of identity and a good appreciation of your feelings and those of others. You understand how different feelings and moods can affect you and others, and you can describe these effects. Your self-awareness enables you to reflect on your feelings and moods and you can learn from previous experiences, which enables you to deal with future challenging situations.

You’re sociable and seek out new friends and contacts using your networking skills. You’re a good judge of character, and value other people’s knowledge, experience and advice when making decisions. You’re aware of different social groups and know which one reflects your values most closely. Your wide range of personal interests and good social skills open up a broad range of opportunities for you. You’ve got the courage of your convictions and you’re not afraid to follow a completely different path from those around you.

This was really interesting! At the end you can download an entire report. I'm thinking about having my students do this. I would print out the questions first and we'd go over them in class. Then for homework they could write up what they thought their profile would be. Finally they could do the test online and see whether their predictions about themselves were the same or not. Lot's of good vocabulary!

Find out about yourself here: What sort of decision maker are you?


  1. Did the test and posted iton my page. Sounds like a good exercise to do with the students.

  2. as long as u decided to come and live in libya and become libyan i'd absolutely agree with all wt said about u, who was not libya would surely miss all of this unique and pleasant atomspher. well done khadija n just keep healthy n productive :)

  3. I'm not sure! Should I try it or not? Oh the decisions one has to make!!!!!!!!!


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