Sunday, October 14, 2007

Regrets... in the form of lunch

I made bazine for lunch.

It tasted great!

But now we're all farting like horses....

sigh... it seemed like a good idea at the time....


  1. Can smell them all the way over here, lol !Must have had foul in it ?

  2. Salaam Sister

    Came across your blog, accidently and literally my stomach still hurts from laughing so hard. You and your husband seriously need your own sitcom. Did you really throw his radio over the roof? and also did you lock him in the bedroom? and he actually poured water on you, in retaliation?

    Just waaay to funny, anyways mashallah your children are beautiful. And I must say, you must have major patience and inner strenght to move to Libya from the States to raise your family.

    I will definelty continue to read your blog!

    take care
    your sister in Islam living CANADA

  3. LOOOOOOOL, I CAN IMAGINE. I am invited for Bazeen next friday for lunch at friend's house. hope i hold it untill i come back home lol

  4. lol, I don't understand why Bazeen will make you fart like a horse. Did you have alot of boiled eggs with it? Happy EID.

  5. I still visit your blog and enjoy it .....I'm always impressed how innovative you are....what type of sidebars you have....and what projects you have going must have a lot of creative energy....and it shows!!!

    Your humorous take on life is also great....all the mishaps...all the adventures make for great reading.....I'm toying with the idea of writing about my African journey last year a humorous travel journal...we'll see...still working on the idea...

    Blessings on you and your family


  6. Guess you need to be very careful around open flames. Take care.

  7. We lived in Tripoli when I was 3-6 and I have such wonderful memories of that strange, exotic place.

    Even over 50 years later, I think of the bread sold on the streets and my mouth waters. Oh for a taste!

  8. Bazine... recipe:

  9. Thanks! My Libyan students have been telling me about this, but none have ever been able to provide a recipe.

  10. Garry - tell your students to invite you for lunch!

  11. This posting sounds like some sort of "disturbed" haiku. LOL.

  12. Farting from bazeen? Didn't know about it. But then, I only tried it twice.

    Man, who might have thought I would miss Libya that much! Certainly not me!!!

  13. i think the after effects of having Faswlia for dinner is much worse than Bazin espicially when u are in a confined space being bombarded by the silent but deadly`s (SBD`s) and every body is in suspicion of the other,still its my favourite dish given the side effects.

  14. not as bad as baked beans lol, I think 'Bazin bel-helba' is the one which cause most unconFarTable experiance lol..avoide the eggs I say, but without these things Bazine wont be Bazine :)


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