Saturday, October 06, 2007

Keeping busy

One of my main headaches during Ramadan has been keeping Ibrahim busy. Ramadan is difficult enough without having to chase a certified hyperactive kid around all day. Even on his meds he can be a handful sometimes. I've got too much to do to be wasting time so many times I bring him into the kitchen with me. I give him jobs to do, trying best not to give him ones that end in disaster.

He likes the whisk... Stir boy, stir! But not soooo fast... it will go over the sides of the pan!

He's a master at cheese grating. He was doing so good at this - He finished grating the cheese until he finished it all. Then I had to run and grab the dish because he was attempting to smash it all back together again!


  1. What a great little chef! You appear to be very creative with him Teri. God bless and thanks for the pictures and sense of humor; I usually end of giggling when I read your posts. thanks Sandi

  2. Dear Khadija,
    Sweet post :).

    I remember in one of your posts you were talking about gazing at stars with your telescope. I just wanted to know is there any place that I could buy one here in Tripoli?
    Thank you,
    Cheers :).

  3. Oh, I know very much how you are doing with such a kid at your heels!
    Fatima used to calm down with hiphop music, the faster the music and the drums, the more calm my daughter.
    Good luck with sonny cooking; hopefully he will grow up to be a helpful husband inshallah, ROTFL.

  4. ohhh how cute lol .. i hate doing the cheese coz i end up doing my fingers too lol

    bless him inshallah


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