Thursday, October 25, 2007

Going black and white...or maybe greyscale

I made it through this week. It flew by so fast I couldn't believe it! Now the weekend...

Tomorrow is the black day here in Libya - the Libyan Day of Mourning. Commemoration for the deportation in 1911, during the Italian occupation, of a number of Libyans. Thousands of Libyans were sent into exile against their will to remote Italian islands. Many of them lost their lives, dying of thirst and hunger aboard the ships that carried them.

Every year on October 26th the internet and international phone calls are cut off nationwide, all Libyan Airline flights are cancelled and International and national ground and marine travel operated by Government of Libya-owned companies are also cancelled. If it's a school day the children are asked to wear black. Usually the Libyan television channel is switched from colour to black and white.

So tomorrow I'll have no internet and you won't be able to contact me from outside Libya by phone. Don't worry about me. It's only for 12 hours. I'll be back online after 6PM on the 26th.


  1. Libyan people, should consider 1st of September a very BLACK day. Libyan people never suffered more than the suffering they've been going through since Monday September 1st 1969. Viva Kingdom of Libya. To hell with Ghdaffi and his clowns

  2. hi, well i been readin ur blog on and off for a while, my cousin updates me with ur page wenever i havent read it which is grea, but i read this post and i think its great that we havea day to remebr ppl, but i dnt think we shud really call it a black day and wear blck, wearing blck for mourning isnt in the islamic ways of life, i forgot exactly the hadeeth or the saying about muslims wearing black so i cnt be 100% sure i think its somethin to do with bein like the jews or christians or non belivers anyways, i think it shud be called somethin more brighter cos these men woman and children r martyrs and shud be remebered with happeness, in the struggle to make their land aa better place they suffered for thier country and shud be remebered with duaa and alot of it, as for the anonymous comment sorry to say but i think that libya is libya by its land and ppl and not its governement, i am nor pro and anti libyan governemtn i just love libya for libya.
    and we as libyans and non libyans livin in libya appricate the history, not of just our country but at others around us
    and one more thing i think Libya shud make this day aware to th world and ppl shud know wat italians put the libyans through, its another houlcoust, i dnt know why ppl think we suffered less? :S
    maybe i am wrong in thinkin this but i hear life stories every travel to libya bout it and i read alot on the net, and still reading bout it so sorry if u think im wrong ,,, jsut my opinion :D

  3. Khadafi is a fagot and a drug addict

  4. I am in shock after reading your post! I can't believe that things like this still happen today. I guess so many governments still haven't found out that the human mind is free and we should make our own choises.

    Just picturing little kids in black makes me angry and sad...

  5. just to clarify something.. flights arent cancelled.. they are just delayed til afternoon.. like right now im sitting in the London Heathrow airport waiting for my fli ght to tripoli which was supposed to be at 9:20 am but instead was delayed til 1:40 pm because the guy at the british airways desk told me it was "martyr's day in Libya".. just thought i would point that out :) i cant wait to be home :) (serious)

  6. gksxrFor this day I am going to listen
    to Bruce Springsteen- Born In The U.S.A.

    and listen to Rolling Stones album "Exile on Main Street"

    As it reflects my life


  7. I do not understand a person using foul language to express his/her political opinions and another using this blog as a platform for his/her disgust with Qaddafi. These two who posted have no respect for the blogger plus it is a sign of selfishness and uncivility.

    Mrs. Teri has done a tremendous job of introducing Libya to the outside world and even to Libyans themselves. Free speech does not give the person the right to be offensive, vulgar and jeopardize others safety.

    At least Mrs. Teri got a break from internet :-)

    Music Lover

  8. To music lover ---
    Toy sound like you're Qaddafi's love and mrs. Teri's lawyer

  9. To music lover ---
    You sound like you're Qaddafi's love and mrs. Teri's lawyer

  10. To music lover ---
    You sound like you're Qaddafi's lover and mrs. Teri's lawyer

  11. The worst thing for a person is to show their own ignorance. Read between the lines and read the fine print.


  12. Hey Music Lover --- GO AND SUCK AN EGG. You're a pussy

  13. It is sad when you find a Libyan that the only English or Arabic words he learned is the language of the ghetto.

    These Libyans are reflection of our own society in the present time, no moral values,no work ethics, corrupt to the extreme.

    The strange part is that those who talk about the glory days of the Kingdom of Libya were not even born during that time or were just 5 years or younger when Libya became a republic.

    Those glory simple life of Libyans
    in the past are gone for ever. Those people who lived in that era are dying on a daily basis because of age.

    Those glory days will never come back to Libya because 70% of Libya population were born during republic time and have the same moral values of corrupt society, it will get worse because of the present change Libya policy to the west, Libyans will compete with Nigerians in the world as the most corrupt people on earth when it comes to accepting bribes.

    It is a true fact, I know the readers will not agree with me. This corruption started when wages were very low that a family could not survive on those kind of wages. Unfortunately the Libyan character has been destroyed but at least if it wasn't for the religion we would be in worse shape

    When you look at Poland and Russia both countries were communist, but at least the Polish had the Catholic Church to keep their moral values where Russians their Orthodox Church was wiped out, thats why you find Russians are corrupt and live Mafia style of life.

    The person who is using profanity
    to make a point, I would recommend that you read a book how to manage your anger, how to be civil, to be kind to mankind and to be a happy person. With kind of attitude to life you will have hard time. Next time you want get even with me, be civil as other readers do read your posts.


  14. MusicLover you are nothing but a big fagot, so get screwd asshole

  15. Hi music lover
    I apologize for playing a dirty game with, I’m an American from Tulsa Oklahoma, I have a Libyan neighbor who asked me to play several jokes on you, I do not know for sure if you know the term (pulling your leg)??? -- Anyhow, it seems that you are a conservative, polite and inelegant person and I did not feel right to keep playing this type of game on you, so please accept my sincere apology. Sincerely R. Jennings


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