Friday, October 10, 2008

A name at last!

Our new cat has settled right into our family life. The day it's old owners came to drop it off they were in a hurry and had a taxi waiting so basically they said a quick hello and handed the cat over in the doorway and were off before we could find out what they had named it. The kids discussed the idea of naming it various things but in the end decided to wait until a suitable name came up as often happens with pets.

The previous owners were in transit to another country so it was a while before I finally got a message from them:

My son was especially happy to hear that his ' baby' is doing so well. I knew he would fit right in as we cared for him very well and loved him and your kids took to him right away! Did you give him a new name?

I never told you what we named him... he was first called 'Bushy' because as a very young kitten he used to scare easily and would bush up his tail when afraid or alarmed , but he used to do it all the time... even when we fed him or anything stimulated him! So '' Bushy'' then I decided to give him an Arabic name so I called him ' Mustafa'' ... later on a friend told me that it was not good to call a cat Mustafa but I really like the name and its meaning so I stuck with it.

All the best to you ...

That's hilarious! Now I know why every time I call out hubby's name 'Mustafa' the cat comes running (and looks confused). When I told the kids what the cat was named they all laughed hysterically. I've been calling out 'Mustafa! Mustafa!' every once in a while just to get on hubby's and the cat's nerves. lolol...

At night I sleep with two Mustafas. Usually one snores while the other purrs... but sometimes they both purr.. 


  1. Good luck with "Mustafa".

    My cat Qazzaya has been with me for a year now, and she´s learned me cat language. She reads books and she even prays on my prayer rug with me ;-)

    I´ll send u a facebook link to see da pics later inshaAllah.

    And ouh, btw, I´m back blogging in English ;-)

    Sad Girl International

  2. Did you decide to leave the cat's name as Mustafa? If not what did you name it?

  3. I'm glad you didn't end up calling him "Bushy" - reminds me too much of that idiot in the White House! And that's really an insult to the poor little kitty...

  4. maybe it's interesting for you

    I think that name is not suitable to animal, "Bushy" is better.

  5. Thank goodness they didn't call it " Shit Head " ! LOL !

  6. We're sticking with calling the cat Mustafa. The name suits him and we all think it's a funny story.

    Zuhare... thanks for the link.. I will pass it on

  7. mustafa is a name of the prophet, sAaws, not only ur kids' dad. i wouldnt dare to call an animal that name. it is disrespectful and i personally would be scared to do it even if i wanted to, which i wouldnt.

  8. I like the name! It's cute! Mind you I am not Muslim, so the name isn't blasphemous to me...

  9. lol i can imagine the cat getting more confused if he's given a different name! poor cat. lolol i think if your husband is cool with that, just stick to that name. :D

  10. How dare you calling this stupid cat of yours Mustafa specialy when you are a Muslim OMG the world is going crazy these day

    Haj Khalifa


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