Thursday, May 01, 2008


For the most part I consider Libya my home... but there are times when I think about my 'real home'. I was playing about with Scribefire's Flickr image tool and put in some keywords from 'home' and came up with these pictures. (unfortunately uploading the pictures in this manner doesn't allow me the freedom to resize them)


Sunset View





The Mall



Attraction - The Pier

The Beach

Maybe I need to buy myself a pair of ruby slippers...
There's no place like home...

There's no place like home...

There's no place like home...



  1. You could alway help out your sister...She could use a Doula.

  2. i stayed a very long time overseas and upon returning home i found a picture of dorothy telling the people about her fantastic trip.i cut it out and keep it on my wall. there is truly no place like home. why dont u go visit?

  3. Hey, where the heck are pictures of Bubba and (hanging) Chad? How about the town of Hicksville? lol lol lol (Actually, lots of states have that town name, including Ohio, NY, ...)

    OK, enough dissing of the state that brought us Dubya, on to my more serious question. You mentioned that you consider Libya your home for the most part, and I think you are more than entitled to do so. My question is, in your experience, do the Libyans treat/perceive/welcome you (and others in your position) as though Libya is your home? How about their perception of you (and other "Ajnabiya" converts) as a Muslim? Were you surprised by either treatment/perception? I think I know the answers concerning your in-laws. But feel free to answer from what you experienced personally, or from what you observed outside your case and environment. But please, don't worry about being politically correct or necessarily balanced. Just be honest, like Bubba would be in the court of Dionysus.

  4. There’s no place like home

    Sometime ago I left Libya for a quest
    Headed for Hollywood career in the west
    To America where I worked with the best

    No matter how you plan, life takes detour
    I missed home sweet home my Janzour

    Life is not just oxygen & food I believe
    We must go to any distance to achieve

    Earth’s for all, there’s no yours or mine
    If we get along together, things will be fine

    Blessed everywhere I go I have a room
    USA & Libya there’s no place like home

  5. No place is like home ... I can really relate to you .. why don`t you go for a visit, it will numb the pain for a while I think....
    I loved the pics

    take care
    Um Dania

  6. khadijateri

    I miss "where is this?".

  7. Great photos! I'm going back to FL for a visit next month, but to the Miami-Ft Lauderdale area. I've only been to the Tampa-St Pete area once or twice - those photos are fantastic.


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