Tuesday, May 06, 2008

more changes and the usual excitement

Everyone seemed to hate the template that I was playing with - but I think I hated it too. I liked my old one but was just getting tired of it. So now I am going back to the old one... but with a twist... 3 columns instead of two.

With all the messing around I did I managed to lose all the widgets. The link lists were needing sorted out anyway... the dead links to get rid of and some new ones to add. I will have to mess about with it some more.

The kids are chugging right along with their exams. Jenna's habit of cramming at 5am is getting to me. I'm the alarm clock, tea maker and person she wants to sit next to her so she doesn't get lonely - this explains the fun with the template. At least it's peaceful in the early hours of the morning.

On another note... Mustafa was asking me what I thought of either getting a new iron or possibly a clothes steamer. Apparently our iron is needing replacement. My response... 'Honey, you just buy yourself whatever you feel most comfortable using.'

Really... as if I have time to bother with ironing!


  1. You are a BAD wife. You better be careful...your mother-in-law may put a curse on your hoo-hoo...

  2. Six children means I've had a curse on my hoo hoo for years already.... lolololol........

  3. You stole my comment Sister Teri :(

  4. Really... as if I have time to bother with ironing!

    My thought exactly...why bother??

  5. Aymn insisted on buying an iron while we were in Libya - he bought it - he uses it - I do not iron - my clothes are always made out of fabric that do not require ironing. My son irons a mean shirt - I taught him - only time I use an iron is for sewing - and now I do not sew much - so no ironing.

  6. Iron... what's that. I beliwve that is the reason they invinted cleaners.

  7. So , does this mean I can call you when I wake up at 5 ? LOL ! Tell Jack I have a ironing board he can have to go with his new iron .This format is better but still needs something , don't know what but know you will think of something very Pazzy and imaginative !


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