Sunday, May 04, 2008

thinking about special people

Special prayers for on the edge and her family today. It's the anniversary of her son's death. But not only special prayers for them but also a plea for all to pray that Libya improves the situation for all those unfortunate citizens who are suffering from substance abuse and for their families who suffer the consequences.

On the edge... I'm thinking about you....


  1. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts today .I wish Libya would not only find/ fix the substance abuse problem , but would just address that it even exsists ! The AIDS epidemic here is out of hand , with no help , treatment , or medications , unless you live in Ben Ghazi .Many women and children are infected daily through ignorance and lack of education . SO sad to lose the future due to apathy .

    P.S. Liked the other format better. Too much teal .

  2. So sorry for on the edge's loss. While substance abuse and AIDS are treacherous problems around the globe at least we here in the US have access to education and the latest technology to help. I never thought about how these problems are addressed in other countries. We're a "global community" in so many other ways it would be nice if we could find a way to address issues like these in unity for the good of all.

    By the way, no offense but I agree regarding the new format -- the new one reminds me of a really bad bridesmaid dress. Sorry!

  3. Aids in LIBYA ????
    How can that be?
    In such a strict society, how is it being contracted?

  4. Anonymous: The denial attitude is the main cause of infection. AIDS is commonly spread by contact with bodily fluids. This can be from intercourse, IV drug use, and in a lot of cases in Libya, contaminated hospitals. People will be people no matter where they live. Some are better at hiding it than others.

  5. Are you saying hospitals are not that sanitary, in Libya?
    That is very disturbing.
    I also would NEVER have guessed
    drugs being a problem in Libya.
    Are they a problem in the teen years like in North America or in adults?
    Is infidelity also a component in the spreading of AIDS.
    Are the youth being educated in any manner - how to keep themselves safe?
    IS there any kind of " HEALTH " curriculum in place in the education system? Where teachers talk about street drugs , sex and and how to be safe?

    The fact that AIDS is a concern in Libya truly shocks me and Drug abuse.


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