Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's stuck in my head

Do you ever have a song that just sticks in your head? No matter what you do it seems to play over and over again and you find your self humming it or singing it? (and it looks pretty funny for a woman to be singing in public in Libya)

This is the latest one for me:


  1. woohoo first to make a comment bout this GREAT SONG.. its Afnan here by the way, oh my gosh Ubla Khaijga,(i have to call u ubla out of respect hope thats ok), anyways bk to the great song,, i love it.. its a classic with me.. such a stunner, and u have every rite to be addicted to it lol, so gud and addictive... thnks again for such a great blog! :D

  2. i got addicted to your blog because someone posted something from here on
    since then you have been on my favourites list.
    totally agree re. your fav song.

  3. It happens to me at least once every 2 to 3 weeks as a matter of fact yesterday the song that was stuck to my head all day was this song :-

  4. Yeah, and what I find crazier is that the songs I hate get to stick in my brain more than those I love!!..

    Wallahi, sister Khadija, now, after changing your layout, your blog takes ages to open, I am one of those who voted against the new template, mind you, and I hope my voice counts!.

    Mahmud, what happened to your talent of commenting in poetry?!!!!

  5. Khalid, I only notice things running slowly after 11 am when the Libyans wake up and log on... lol... Firefox these days is slowing down too. I am having much better luck using k-meleon these days. Try it and see what you think. Also I rarely look at actual blogs, feedreaders save so much time - because they tell you when there is anew post and you're not looking at the actual blog every day. Also makes reading faster.

  6. Mahmud... what happened to your rhymes?

  7. To Khadija & Khalid

    I'm on location in northern Califonia filming, I have just a few minutes each day to check my emails and write responses. I will be done with filming today, after that I will write back in rhymes.
    Have a pleasant day.


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