Thursday, May 22, 2008

My day... the treadmill continues

Sara is still working through her final exams. I've been waking her up at six o'clock every morning. This morning the alarm went off and I got up and headed for the kitchen to start the kettle for coffee and tea. As I turned the corner I noticed Layla, our black cat, crouched over something next to the door. On closer inspection I found she had Nora's pet hamster clamped firmly in her mouth. The hamster was dead of course. So starts a rather ominous beginning to the day!

I did my usual running around which begins by getting dressed [#1] and taking Ibrahim to school at a little after 8 in the morning. He goes to school year round, but I will let him have a break some time during the summer.

My big complaint: Why is nothing open in the morning in Libya?? It would make my life so much easier if I could do all my shopping at the same time I did the morning school run. Instead I am stuck returning home and waiting until about 10:30 or 11 for the shops to start opening. There are a few vegetable shops open early but they always seem to have yesterdays wilted vegetables on display. There is no choice but to go home and venture out later.

I usually get home and [#2] change into clothes more suitable to household chores. Then I [#3] change back again when the shops open - get home with everything and then [#4] change back into house clothes to attempt to create lunch of some kind. As soon as I get lunch going I [#5] change into street clothes once again to fetch Ibrahim from school. When we get back I [#6] change once again and head for the kitchen to finish cooking lunch. And of course I will shower and [#7] dress again for work in the afternoon... After work I [#8] change once again and throw something together for dinner.

Why don't I just throw on an apron in the house? I hate aprons because I always manage to miss the apron and mess up my clothes anyway... I do notice that some Libyan ladies just throw on a jalabiya or abayah over their house clothes and go out that way... but that just looks too tacky to me. So I'll continue to do the daily routine of clothes changing.

Being able to find everything open early in the morning was something I appreciated when we visited Tunisia. They are only next door to Libya but they have much different attitudes about things. I doubt Libyan shopkeepers will ever get their shops open early. sigh.....

Other news....

So far it's been an exciting week. I've got a sister with a new baby (that I have yet to see even a picture of - hint, hint). My sister is recovering and the baby is fine. Latest news reports say they they should be home from the hospital Friday or Saturday.

They're painting the classrooms in the school where I work. I had thought they were going to be white this year... instead I arrived and found the top parts of the walls were white and the bottom part was institution green. It will take some getting used to. I cut back the classes, giving a break to allow for the paint to dry and the rooms to air out. Next week we should be working normal hours again.

Yusef and I are putting together a computer for the kids using parts from two computers. At one point we plugged in and turned on only to hear a small explosion and have smoke pouring out everywhere. The windows are still all open so we can air the house out.... hehehe... We'll play around with it some more this weekend... it's our latest project.

The end of the day finds me sitting to think about my life and count my blessings and there are many of them to count... thank God! I'm going to [#9] change into my pajamas and go to bed!


  1. Give up clothes changing away......Live with something easy to lay.
    Something easy& isn't Jalabiya.....Something folksy called Farrashiya.
    Grandma Advice

  2. UR right! It sounds aboslutely boring!

  3. This is one reason I would almost rather just stay home than go through all that changing !!!!!! Maybe we could start a new trend ... no clothes ? LOL , would love to see that happen , tee hee !!!!!! Be a whole lot cooler in the summer heat and humidity . Might act as a incentive for the shop keepers to open earlier ?What cha think ?

  4. LOL@On The Edge---that just might open the shops earlier. Poor KhadijaTeri that washing machine of yours must be going non-stop.


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