Saturday, May 03, 2008

Exams... bring em on!

Final exams begin tomorrow. I've spent the entire weekend policing the kids. The first thing I did today was dismantle the cables leading to the satellite receiver and hide it so that no one sits staring at the television like a zombie instead of studying. Of course Mustafa didn't have his Aljazeera fix - I told him to sit next to Jenna and help her with her social studies. He will insist that the receiver be put back... but I am going to remain adamant that we be TV free for the duration of finals. It will be a battle of wills....sigh..

To cool my frazzled nerves (being a militant mother takes a lot out of you) I revamped my blog template... does anyone even look at it? I rarely notice anyone's template anymore because I use a feed reader, but changing things around was good therapy to keep me sane today. Maybe someone will notice.

In the evening I took Jenna and Ibrahim out to the office supply shop to by new pens, pencils, erasers and whatever else they thought would make taking exams easier... 31 dinars worth of what Jenna deemed essential supplies. sigh... We stopped and got ice cream too.

Jenna is insisting I wake her up at 5am so she can do some last minute cramming. We are in final exam mode for the next few weeks... pray for us!


  1. hi khadijateri, how are you? longtime ah
    is the new style for a test too??
    It's fine but i need time to getting used to the new look.. congrats.
    Good luck everyone who has an exams.

  2. Well - count me in - I noticed - thought I had been misdirected - like the new look - nice and clean. Good luck on the policing for exams and keeping the TV off- what a major headache.

  3. What do you mean by wondering wether anyone will notice the change? You can hardly miss it! Very nice but as a.adam said, it'll take a bit of getting used to. Good luck to all your kids for the exams. My trouble isn't so much the television as the computers (of which we have more thanone in the house)

  4. Why are exams such a big deal?
    Don't the exam marks count for a small portion of their final grade or is their entire mark based on that final exam.
    I have heard of other mothers " policing " their girls ( and fathers their boys )during final exams - can't they study on their own?
    You can't be there in the exam room with them - They must sink or awim without you ;]


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