Friday, March 02, 2007

Quiet.... dull.... Friday

It's been a quiet Friday. I had no car for the day because Mustafa decided he wanted to use it to drive out to visit his sister who lives outside of Tripoli. Of course he made the decision to use my car when he found out it had a full tank of gas. After he returned I checked and he's used up more than half.

The price of gas in Libya went up this week. I used to be able to fill my tank with about 6 dinars. Now the same amount only fills my tank 3/4. It's still cheap by world standards but when you consider the cost of living here in comparison to the salary it's a lot. Every dirham counts.

I also got in the car and discovered that the tape I use to connect my iPod to listen to music, etc. while I drive has been broken. So another thing to spend my money on. Sigh...

Since I was car-less for the day I decided to go for a long walk and do some window shopping. I bought a beautiful handbag... quite a find and a good price too. Otherwise I didn't see or do anything interesting.

Tomorrow is another day...


  1. At least u went for a long walk to enjoy the weather, as for me, yesterday was staying at home day, missed out big time...I'll try to make it up today since the weather is still beautiful...congratz for the new purse :o)

  2. Marhaba Khadija, Keef al-hal?

    Thought I'd stop by to check out your blog. I bought a few of those while I was there and they're not the best quality. I'm coming back next month so I'll get April to remind me to pick you up one from here. No one should be without their iPod in Libyan traffic! Ever!


    Good seeing you when I was in Libya last month. I look forward to seeing you again soon! Tell Tara I said hi the next time you see her.

  3. PS: I see you're using the same "recent comments" widget I am. There's a glitch in it that only shows old posts due to the new upgrade that blogger did last month. There's a fix for it now, AND a new fully functioning widget on the "beautiful beta" site. Let me know if you need the url.

  4. Tommy... what's the url of the recent comment widget?

    When are you coming back?? Give my best to April... she is missed here. Bring her back with you. :)... a smiley!

  5. Refresh khadija, use inner female recreational power.
    Reachout to your likes.
    Have a male friend,
    Some one who would not be a relative or a spouse.
    Talk to strangers.
    Also visit your home town.
    Maybe tomorrow will be a beter day for all of us.


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