Saturday, March 10, 2007

Progress on the house

After the marble floors were laid in the house a layer of plaster was poured over the top to act as a protectant for the surface while other work was being done on the house. When I saw the plaster coating the first thing I asked was 'Who is going to remove that?' and Mustafa replied 'We'll hire a black guy (African) or an Egyptian to do it.'

Yesterday we went to the house to remove the plaster... Guess what - I've turned into a black guy... or maybe I'm an Egyptian now! It took us the entire day to clean the plaster off the floors. First we had to pour water on the plaster and then scrape it all up with scrapers. After that we had to pick it all up and haul it outside and then wash the floors with as much clear water as possible. Then came the fun part of pouring on liquid soap and scrubbing the floors. More rinsing followed that.

After all that work there is still a slight film on the floor and some plaster spots that need to be gone over again. Next time - I was too tired after all that!

There's still a lot of work to be done. All the bits and pieces take so much time. It seems everywhere I look there is something unfinished - including the detail on the front door (see above). But for now I am going to try to recover ... I keep checking the mirror to see if I'm a black guy or an Egyptian... oh my aching back!


  1. it has turned into a beautiful home.

  2. KhadijaTeri your home will be lovely!! The photos are wonderful. You must be getting so excited!!

    Hey just in case you didn't know all of us housewifes have a little black Egyptian hiding in our hearts. It's a burden we all carry.
    *hugs* sister :)

  3. So , tell me .... how does it feel to be ONE OF THE BOYS ? LOL !The house is lovely and I know you will have years of happiness in it ,starting soon .

  4. the house looks will always remember that you had a hand (or a couple of back muscles) in it .... cant wait til its done and can come visit..... hugs holly

  5. It is always nice to give a hand in our own house.
    So you have something of a black or egyptian man... That's nice!

    Hope Jenna is OK, I feel violence rising these days...

  6. It's always beautiful to have shared memories of those days. Your marble and wood works look very beautiful mashallah. Before completing our small but lovely house all of my wife, my son, my daughters and myself were the african slaves at times, but it felt good.

  7. I will be sooo happy when the house is finished... when will it be finished... who knows! It's taking forever.

  8. Mashaa allah :)

    It looks wanderful,I wish you all the happiness in your new house.

  9. Salams Khadija, would you be interested in contributing to Global Themes?

    A weekly theme to post pictures on with bloggers from all over the world. Let me know if you are interested.

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  10. Nice house mashallah!

    Hope its gets all done soon!!

    And when its done,dont forget to through a blogger's party:P or a "zarda"...:P

  11. Your home is simply beautiful !
    May Allah bless you and your lovely family .

  12. Ooooh looking good. Im putting together a book of ideas for my house. Can you get tile saws there? How about the paint color selections. So many questions. I need to write them down and send them to someone.
    By the way I am working now. My son in laws family repairs homes for resale and ive been painting for two weeks now we are on our third house. Covering windows and cabinets are the hardest. Pulling carpets are fun but we always wear masks....years of peoples crud in your lungs is gross. not to mention some of the toilets! Oh and im white now from all the paint drops! hehe


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