Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lots more links!

I have been totally lax about mentioning new links and adding them to my sidebar. I've been super busy for the last few months rearranging things at work. Of course as soon as things settle down and it seems I can breathe easier I find a few more things to fit into my schedule.

Anyway, enough excuses. A few bloggers have left me comments and sent me emails asking to be added to the list on my side bar. There was also a post on Libyan News List that contained my list of links. So now I'm adding some more that I've collected. Be patient it may take me a bit to add them on the side bar... I'm working on it!

One blogger Libya Ghariani even made some caligraphy for me! So nice - Thanks!

Please remember that even though I am adding these links their writers may not hold the same views as I do. Also there are some blogs that are written in Arabic or other languages besides English. Although I can speak Libyan Arabic (my grammar is awful, but comical) I can neither read or write Arabic, or any other language.

Below are some links I'll be adding to the side bar. If I missed you and you want to be added just leave me a message in the comments. Happy reading!

Beertrain - an expat couple living and working in Libya

Unconventional - a multi-cultural blogger whose parents are Libyan and Italian but lives in the US

Libya travel blogs - people just passing through

Aisha's Musings - a blogger from Misurata who lives in Canada

All things considered - a blog about the use of herbal medicine in Libya

Ambition - Loza a female architecture student in Libya

Broken - An Arabic blog by Linda in Tripoli

The Buffer Zone - a group blog written in Arabic and English

Update: D-log moved

DaMoon - a Libyan female with a good sense of humour

Ema's World - another female architecture student in Tripoli

Global Voices Online RSS feed - Libya

Libya Ghariani - whose name says it all

Lona - a mostly Arabic blog

The mind is such a secret place - A new blog by a Libyan law student

MaySoon - A Libyan working mom

Pencils - Nedal, a student who writes in Arabic and English

Wesmosis - A Libyan intern doctor who does more than dabble in computers!

Sands of Time - "This blog is a forum dedicated to understanding the contemporary realities of Libya and discuss the ways foreward."

Sh@dd@ - Artistic girl living in Egypt with her two cats

Libya Alyoum - an Arabic blog

Update Red Enclave moved


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