Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life might be more interesting if I had a decent Libyan T-shirt

In America most people like to dress casually and t-shirts are sold everywhere. When my son came back from visiting last summer he had all kinds of t-shirts that he got while he was there. T-shirts are big business - advertising all kinds of things and they make the perfect souvenir too. So easy to pack in your bag and it seems like there is something that would suit everyone on the list of people to buy for.

Sadly, the selection here in Libya stinks.... sigh... I don't think I've ever seen a t-shirt in Arabic either. They sell some in the medina and at stands set up near the snack bar in Sabratha and Leptis but they are of poor quality and most of all BORING. I like t-shirts that say something funny, or maybe profound...

OK... so here's the challenge... what would you want your t-shirt to say? Click on comments and let me know.


  1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  2. What are you looking at me for I didn't do it.

  3. "nobody is perfect and" front
    "Ï am nobody" back

  4. How about this: E Pluribus Nemo!
    lol lol

  5. 1969-2007

    Don't Blame Me! I Was Too Young to Vote!!!

    Back: Wait...There wuz no vote....

  6. Stop staring at my tits

  7. I love mustache rides!!!!

  8. On the front: "This space was intentionally left blank" ...
    on the back : "Oops ... it is not blank anymore ...."

  9. My Mom went to Libya and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

  10. I have some t-shirts that I got on E-BAY that are in Arabic. One says "I am not a terrorist" another says "Allahu Akbar".

  11. I don't agree with you totally khadijateri but you can find the best if you asked for I don't know.
    if i can't speak then I will let my t-shirt speak of me, nothing I love the classic one

  12. I love LOL t-shirts, I have one that says "It's ok to be jealous not everybody can be me"..lol

  13. I thought you said T-shirts for Libyan market or tourist, which means that it need to be in Arabic or Latin letters but they need to be respectful slogans and it doesn’t offend anyone in the society. When I went to Libya 2 years ago my son asked if he could get an Addidas t-shirt so we went to this big store in Dahra, and in the second floor I found every single t-shirt you think of, and a very good quality and at a good price that you cant get even in UK or USA, but unfortunately it was all to do with different sports, so he picked for himself “Ahely Trabelsi “ T-shirt and he still has it in perfect condition, it doesn’t fit him right now so I might place it on e-bay ;o) .

  14. There is a company online that does islamic theme t shirts. When i come in the summer I will bring you some. they go around 5-7 dollars at walmart or khols. Anything special you would like?

  15. my son has one that says: want to know how to keep an idiot busy? see back of shirt. back- want to know how to keep and idiot busy? see front of shirt.

    my daughter has one from her brother that says. Protect your nuts and its a picture of a squirrel with a baseball bat standing over a horde of nuts.

  16. Hey I got a nice Momar Qaddafi T-shirt and Momar Qaddafi watch when I was there back in 1999. Still have the watch.

  17. Yes, I have seen those in Sebrata and right they are boring! Who want to wear a T-shirt with so many mosaic pictures on it. Graphic logos are even better that writing. For Libya, something about sand, owasis, Rome, etc.

    Apart from that, I like my T-short to say: World Citizen

  18. Mine would say... " Yes , I am . Leave a message ." .

  19. Made of ethical and fair trade principles.


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