Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shopping with Ibrahim

The kids are studying for exams again so I decided to take Ibrahim out yesterday so the kids could attack their books in peace.

We weren't sure where we would go, no plans for anything special. We just drove around and stopped here and there. The pet shop had some sorry looking cats in cages and some turtles in another cage with rabbits jumping around on top of them, three healthy looking parrots and some other birds.

After that we looked at shoe stores. I'm looking for the perfect shoes. I hate walking into a shoe store and smell plastic and glue... it's got to smell like leather in a shoe store! We looked around in a few shops and I didn't see what I wanted.

Next stop was the toy store. Ibrahim of course wanted a plastic battery operated gun that shouted out 'Fire! Fire! Fire!' when you pulled the trigger. 'Put that back Ibrahim!' I said. We got two big bags of balloons instead. The kind that are long and skinny and you can make things with. Then we headed for grandma's house - we have balloons!

Got to grandma's and of course all my sister in laws were there with their kids. I think the adults had more fun with the balloons than the kids did. After a while we left... it was really way too noisy there after all the fights started breaking out between the kids and the balloons....

Off we went to the office supply store to make sure the kids had enough pencils and pens, etc for their exams. Then we looked around some other shops.

Ibrahim was on his best behaviour during the whole shopping expedition. He only managed to completely knock down one window display.... you know those mannequins? They come apart in all kinds of pieces - they're kind of like a puzzle to put together! And their heads come off too... The bald headed ones make an interesting noise when they roll across the floor.

Today I looked to see how much longer I can use my adsl before I run out... I've got less than 10mg left to last me about 48 hours... sigh... I don't think I will make it. 5 gigas for a month is ridiculous. I hate rationing. Ibrahim and I are going to go out again today... if I have any time left from LTT I'll write and tell you about our adventure.... if not you will just have to wait.

LTT.... I hate you... sigh... but I am stuck with you, aren't I?


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