Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thieves & beggars

Jenna is tough! The other day she was on her way to school and a teen-aged girl grabbed one of her earings and pulled it off in an attempt to steal it. Jenna, the quick thinking girl that she is, grabbed hold of the girl's clothes and started screaming and pulling at her clothing. The girl, dropping the earing as she was pulling herself free from Jenna's grip, took off running down the street.

Jenna was shaken but her ear was undamaged and she recovered her earing. She was really upset that no one stopped to help her even though there were many people in the area. She said she wasn't sure if the girl was Libyan or not, but she said she was dressed in a scarf and jalabia - not in school clothes.

Most likely the girl was a beggar. I've noticed quite an increase in children begging these days. Nearly every major intersection has beggars and young kids selling boxes of tissues and small Qurans. They work the street corners from early in the morning and stay there all day long, sometimes until late at night.

Begging is one thing, but criminal behavior is another. I am just thankful that Jenna was unhurt.


  1. Phew! That wa fresh! Imagine tearing an ear-ring from somebody on the street!
    Good to hear Jenna wasn´t hurt in the attempt. I don´t remember Tripoli that way at all. What is going on?

  2. hamdallah 3ala salametha

    I'm surprised nobody helped her though.

  3. I assure you that the begger was not a local , by the way she's dressed and we all know such people the're usually from other countries.. Libyans DO NOT and NEVER beg .. it's in their genes .. they all have high proud and self esteem and never engage in such activities ..

  4. actually anonymous 7:17 they have started begging, as a result of both social injustice and poverty, even though i agree she isn't a Libyan begger as those Libyans who beg aren't usually children, not yet.

  5. Funny I would only see the old women downtown by the banks and the old man who came into the local stores that always received money from the merchants. The merchants told me it is their duty to give alms to the less fortunate among them. Why steal? I guess you need to dress poor and carry your money in your bra.

  6. Glad to hear poor Jenna didn't get hurt, but that must've tramotized her, I mean what an ugly act for someone to do such thing! I just have a vision of criminal tripoli!!! that would be very sad

  7. Poor Jenna! Sounds like You have done a very good job raising your children..............AND to be a quick thinker. It is really a shame that at such a young age, she is being exposed to thieves.

  8. Of course Libyans beg and steal, whay do some people in Libya think that Libyans are perfect. It is like any other country in the world. People seem to think it is a big problem to admit it.


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