Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rearranging my life

The last few weeks have been busy and stressful. The kids got their results from their exams and everyone did well. Nora, who had worried herself silly thinking for sure she was going to get at least one 'cak', turned out to get an excellent result on her report card - Mumtaz! She was angry that she wasn't the best in the class. Now the kids are back into the routine of school and working toward the final exams which seem to be just around the corner.

I've been rearranging and sorting through things both at work and at home. Throwing out what isn't useful is something I try to do as often as possible. It's amazing how things seem to accumulate! Digging through things always seems to drag back old memories too, not always good ones, but it's a necessary part of one's life. I bought two new cupboards for work and now I can move more of the work related things out of my house and into the cupboards at work. This would make more space for me at home to collect more home related stuff. De-cluttering is just rearranging your junk....sigh.

Aside from work and home I've been sorting out friends too. I had a very good friend who really let me down, in more ways than one. I tried my best to forgive this person but in the culmination of events I found it was best just to end the friendship. It had just gotten to be too much and one event, that will remain unmentioned, broke the camel's back. Friends are not always forever, I have discovered. Sometimes it's best to part ways and move on in life. It's been stressful but at the same time I think I've become a stronger person somehow.

And now to tell you about other friends... blogging friends! Akram of Flying Birds and Hamed of Libyano paid me a visit yesterday. I've met Akram before but this was the first time to meet Hamed. Libyano looks just like his picture and Akram was wearing a hat (he's recently shaved his head). Unfortunately we could only chat a few minutes. It's really nice to meet other Libyan bloggers. Recently Hamed made a post on his blog about how important it was for everyone to donate blood. I suggested he arrange a blood drive for the Libyan bloggers. It would be a good way for us all to meet and do a good deed at the same time. What do you think?


  1. Blood donating and tree planting drives, sign me up...

  2. When you are finished organizing and re-organizing your junk...could you pretty please come do mine? LOL

  3. Congratz for the kids and hope they finish off da finals with no problems as well :o)
    sorry that you went through what u did with we call "friends" and happy to hear that you are a stronger person now :o)...Yes I'll be more than happy to meet for the blood donation and tree planting as onlibya mentioned...God Bless

  4. Oh, I wish to meet you, too, I feel I know you already from reading so much on your blog!
    Maybe all Libyan bloggers could meet up on MSN Messenger one day, that would be interesting..

  5. KT,

    True, friends are not forever! I have learned this the hard way. have always been let down but whom I considered friends. At the end of last summer, I got really disappointed in one I considered my closest friend. The agony was a lot to deal with given what was happening to me at that time. I knew I had to spare myself the pain and end the friendship. I did exactly that by telling that friend point blank that she was not the friend I thought she was and I don't want her to call me a friend anymore. It was a relief. I do miss her sometimes, but it's better this way. You should do away with the "friends" that bring pain. And yes, it made me stronger. Good luck in finding a real friend nearby... still looking myself!

  6. I followed the link from blogspot's
    highlander. Thank you for sharing.


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