Thursday, February 01, 2007

Listed...but alone!

I'm listed on the expat-blog... but I'm all alone. Are there any expats in Libya with blogs? Go add your blog so mine won't look so lonely.


  1. I will be there as soon as i finshed my blog.

  2. I really , really , and more really hate the term EX-PAT !!!!!!!!!!!! Why do "THEY" insiste on calling us that just because we live outside the borders of our Motherland ? Did we STOP being patriotic just because we reside abroad ? How incrediably odiotic is that ??????????? How insulting , also .I never surrendered my right to be a patriot .Did you ?

  3. Hey, being an "expatriate" is not the same than being an "ex-patriot" ;)

    You should check wikipedia's definition ( you'll realize there's no insult in the term ...

  4. "Inscriptions are closed at the moment
    The expat blog directory is under maintenance. Thanks for your comprehension"

    I'll log in next time.
    Me neither I don't see anything wrong in a term saying that you live outside your homeland...

  5. An expatriate (in abbreviated form expat) is someone temporarily or permanently in a country and culture other than that of their upbringing and/or legal residence. The word comes for the Latin ex (out of) and patria (country), and is sometimes misspelt as ex-patriot, due to its pronunciation.


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