Monday, July 10, 2006

We wait

I got up this morning and asked Adam if I could be the one to take him to the clinic to have his stitches removed and he said 'No way! Just give me money for the taxi.'

OK, he's being independent. I respected his wishes and gave him money to cover the taxi fare. Off he went and I heard nothing from him for hours. At about noon I asked Yusef if he wanted to go with me to run a few errands and he was more than happy to jump in the car with me. When we got home there was still no word from Adam and I was getting a bit worried.

Finally he came in, slamming the door behind him. No hello, just marched into his room. I did notice that he still had a bandage. After a while he came out and I asked him what happened but he didn't want to talk about it. A 'man' with an attitude! - well to heck with him!

After I came home from work I found him watching TV and asked him what was up. He was upset because they hadn't removed the stitches. He'll have to wait until Thursday. I said 'Oh Adam, don't worry Thursday will be here before you know it.' and I leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek. He moved his head back quickly, avoiding my kiss and said, 'You can kiss me at the airport when I leave to go to the US!'


  1. Oooooch!

    Don´t worry, he´ll snap out of it one day.

  2. Grrrrrrrrr! Where do these young men get their attitude and such disrespect for their moms. I went thru this with my oldest son as well. It's very hurtful.......

    My husband finally told my oldest son....when you are in my house, you will NOT talk to your mother like that, and I will not allow her to accept your unacceptable behavior!!!!!!'s gotten better, and he's 39, I do still have to remind him I do not deserve to be talked to in that manner!!! ugh what's with this??

  3. Some sons don't want to kiss their mums as fearing it might turn them into sissies!!!That's why they are confused and refuse to behave properly .I always insist and expect to be kissed and respected by my kids untill I die whether they like or not !!!!

  4. I am sorry, I am struggling with this attitude of the young men from the ages of 16-40 something. Our generation would NEVER talk to our parents the way our children talk to us now. Why do we baby-boomers ages 45-60 something, find excuses and call this just being a teenager or part of growing up? It's my opinion that we are accepting the unacceptable behavior.....what can we do to help our children???

  5. Am I the only one to find a bit of humor in this? I laughed.. Of course I see it more as a fustration with a culture. He probably feels (like so many of us) that if he had been in the US his stitches would have come out and he wouldn't have a bandage on his head.

    My son was waking me up this morning telling me he wants to move to Canada in the snow. Insisting that he has enough "fuzzy hats" to keep him warm "how cool do you want to see". well not that early in the morning!!


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