Saturday, July 29, 2006


I went to the hospital this morning around 10:15 and immediatly headed for the dental out-patient department to find out where Adam was. They told me to go downstairs to the theatre and check to see if he was there.

On the way I met Fatima, a former student who is a phamacist in the hospital. She took me straight past the gaurds and right to the operating room doors. She went inside and came out with the nurse in charge of the recovery room who informed me that they had just begun working on Adam and that she would keep me posted. They said I could wait there. I thanked Fatima and she went off, back to work.

I was only waiting a few minutes and along came another former student, a surgeon, and we chatted for a while and he told me he would make sure everything was being taken care of for Adam. Not long after that came another former student, also a surgeon. One more person to look after us. A bit later came another former student, not a doctor this time, a mechanical engineer, working with a private maintanence company at the hospital. It felt nice to be surrounded by people I knew.

Adam's surgery finished at 12:45 and he was moved to the recovery room. Out came my friend's daughter, Layla who is a dentist and wants to specialize in maxio-facial surgery. She had been observing Adam's surgery and informed me that all had gone well. The surgeon himself came to assure me that Adam was OK and left me in Layla's care. She told me that they had removed the teeth and in one instance had to remove a tooth on top to extract one that was below it and then they replanted the top one.

After about forty-five minutes in recovery they moved Adam to his room. I went up to settle him in. He didn't want me to dress him but he did let me clean up the blood that was running down his chin. I went to the nurses station and got some extra gauze so he could hold it next to his mouth. He's sharing a room with five other men who seemed quite nice. They said they would look after Adam. I thanked them and told them I was going home and his father would be there shortly.

It's been a busy morning, made less stressful by the helpful staff and my students at TMC. Mustafa has gone to be with Adam this afternoon and evening. Adam will probably come home tomorrow or the next day.


  1. wish adam a speedy recovery.... you are very lucky to have so many of your former students working at the hospital, its always nice to have a couple of extra eyes to watch over a loved one.... hugs to all holly

  2. thanks god that everything went ok.. as for your students ..well i think this is the best thing you get from being a teacher .. students don`t forget their teachers .. especially the favourate ones..

    bless you and "hamdellah ala salamat " Adam..


  3. Elhamduillah all had gone well and wish you back home sooner Adam.

  4. No thing about the war in Lebanon and Palstine ! or No comment ? Tareq

  5. Tareq - the war is awful... I prefer not to write about it because quite honestly I can do nothing about it. I feel for the people who are suffering and dieing (on both sides).

  6. How do you think we can solve the problem in the middle east? Tareq

  7. Tarek - try this:

  8. Elhamdulilah .I'm happy your son is well. May he have a fast recovery.
    All the best.

  9. Thank God all went well with the surgery . Yes having people you know makes a big difference here, that is why it was wise of you to let your children grow up in Libya and you made friends and acquaintances here . This is priceless, you could never have done if you'd just been coming to Libya on vacations .

  10. I'm back!!!!! You are such a wise mama.......and wonderful person as well. Sounds as though God sent you so many people in YOUR hour of need as a mother! God bless Teri. Sandi ps Hope Adam's surgery was successful & has a beautiful set of teeth after all that pain.


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