Sunday, July 09, 2006

I survived torture today

Work was light today as most students had skipped class to be in front of the TV watching the football match. I had expected it and had some activities that the die-hard students could keep busy with, and while they where busy I slipped away for a few minutes to go have my stitches removed. It was torture and I stopped counting at about 35. I think counting each stitch just made it all seem worse than it really was. Thankfully I survived and went back to work - keeping busy kept me from dwelling on the event.

Tomorrow Adam has an appointment to have his stitches removed. He's really excited about it. The next thing on the agenda will be to buy him a ticket to the US. We plan on sending him to spend the rest of the summer with my family. He'll be travelling alone but I'll probably go toward the end of summer to pick him up and bring him home. This will be the first time that he ever travels by himself and we're hoping he won't run into any problems. Not only will he have three different connections to make and most likely an overnight at one of the stopovers, he's a Libyan/Muslim/Arab male - Anything can happen.

Gotta be optimistic and hope for the best. . . gonna send my baby out into the world!!!


  1. Oh Teri, my legs hurt as you were counting your stitch removal. ugh!

    Glad to hear Adam coming to spend time with his Granny, aunts and uncles. Having a US Passport will make his travels so much easier, according to my nephews who were here for two months. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to travel at his age........maybe not for mama and poppa, but we will pray for him and his travels. And, hope to meet you while you are here in FL?? Sandi

  2. cant wait to see adam again get the dates for me as soon as possible so that i can get some time off of work....hugs holly

  3. Stitches are quite painful to remove . A long deep breath is needed , moving on and keeping busy are the best hints one has to have on hand.Glad you're feling better . As for Adam ,letting the first of your babies fly away is going to be a fantastic experience for him and you will be able to see what you have achieved in creating a young responsible man.


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