Monday, July 03, 2006

Back to 'normal'

I stayed home from work yesterday getting my dose of the stomach virus, but I woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine. So now the only one left that hasn't had it is Jenna. I hope it passes her by.

Adam had surgery on his forhead to have a cyst removed. It was outpatient surgery and he came home directly after it was over. So now I have to spoil him and make him feel like the prince of the palace - plumping up his pillows and making sure he has juice and junk food. Of course he has total control over the remote contol too.

I took pictures of him to send to his aunt Kris (who is a nurse) but I was only allowed permission to take his picture on the condition that I wouldn't put them on the blog. So I won't - but I'll tell you about him and you can use your imagination. - - He's got a bandage wrapped all round the top of his head - looks like a big lump of gauze over the insision site and he's got a drain stuck in there. His eyes are slowly turning black and blue and he's got some swelling too. He's got to go back to have the bandages changed on Thursday. He's in a little pain but he's taking Ibuprofin and also antibiotics.

Adam came home from the hospital about half an hour before I left to go to work. I had the girls with me because Jenna and Sara are both taking English courses and Nora is working as the assistant to the teacher that works with the small children. Getting into the car is always a nightmare.

Nora: Where's my mobile?
Sara: You left it upstairs.
Jenna: I don't want to open the gate!
Nora: Sara ! You pig! Why did you leave it upstairs!
Me: Get out and open the #@!%$ gate!
Nora: Sara! Go up and get the mobile!
Sara: No way!
Nora: Ewe - this CD is awful!
Me: Open the gate! Nora you have one minute to get your phone!
Sara: laughing as she hangs into the front seat to try to change the CD
Jenna: It's hot! Turn the air conditioner on high!
Me: Jenna open the gate! Nora! Phone now! If I have to open the gate myself I will leave you all home!
Jenna: gets out of the car to open the gate while complaining about the heat
Nora: slams the car door while she goes to get the phone
Sara: trying to change the CD
Me: Slapping Sara's hand, turning up the AC and putting the car in reverse - all at the same time

I get to the end of the drive way and that's when we realise I've run over one of the kittens!

The girls all jump out of the car to investigate and start crying. I feel awful, but I know we're going to be late so I start shouting: Don't look! Get in the car!

Uuuugh!!! I feel awful!!! But what can I do???

The rest of the day went smoothly. When we got home the kitten had been 'taken care of' by the boys. They thought smooshed kitten was just soooooo neat! I will spare you that dialogue . . . . uuugh!


  1. Salamt Adam, Sorry for what happened to the Kitte, happy to know everything back to normal ,

  2. Holy moly! gosh I remember those chaotic days of motherhood. You are doing a great job from my point of view. Hope your day ended better! ha Sandi

    ps Dona was so excited she got her name on YOUR blog ha! thanks


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