Saturday, September 17, 2005

Solar Eclipse - coming soon!

Solar Eclipse . . .

On October 3rd there is going to be an annular solar eclipse that will be seen in Libya. It will last for 4 minutes and 23rd seconds. An eclipse of the sun occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun. Libya's last annular eclipse was in 29th April 1976. It lasted for six minutes and 41 seconds.

This year's eclipse will occur one day before the beginning of the month of Ramadan. Six months later Libya will cast into darkness when a total eclipse would be visible in the skies. On 29 March 2006, a total eclipse will be visible from north and central Africa, Turkey and southern Russia, ending at sunset in western Mongolia. A partial eclipse will be seen across the northern two-thirds of Africa, central Asia and Europe.

I'm looking forward to seeing the event. When I was growing up my father always made sure we watched all the eclipses and he bought us a telescope so we could watch the night sky. It was always lots of fun and we ended up with all the neighbour kids at our house.
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  1. You'll have to tell us how it is. I experienced an eclipse in Hawaii once and it was amazing! Remember, do not look directly at the sun,even when it is covered, make sure the kids know that. He are some tips.


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