Wednesday, September 21, 2005

School - the kids & me

The kids have settled down in school finally.

Ibrahim is still not 'into' the idea of doing his homework yet and I'm not sure he really likes the idea of sitting in a desk in a classroom for hours and hours everyday, but God willing he will make it somehow. It is so hard for him to sit still and I know it won't be long before we have complaints from the school. I told Mustafa to get Ibi to the doctor and see if he can be put on some kind of medication to settle him down BEFORE a disaster occurs. But as usual - the 'balah wasah', take life ever so slowly attitude still prevails. I've decided to leave Ibrahim to his father to sort out because I'm at my wits end with that boy - eventually his father will get the idea.

Jenna being the perfectionist that she is spends hours and hours on her homework getting it 'just right'. She's going to school in the afternoon again this year (along with Ibi) but she insists to be woken up at seven every morning so she can work on her homework. She's the only one of the kids that does this. It's nice that she always wants to be the best at everything, but it can be annoying, especially when she is so dissatisfied with her homework that she writes it and then re-writes it and then does it again too. It's got to be no less than perfect!

Sara, sweet Sara - She's repeating the year because she didn't pass her final exams the first time around last year and I refused to let her take the re-sit exams. She was pretty pissed off about it for a while but so far since school started she is doing pretty well. I think she feels a bit more confident. She also started wearing hijab this year and is beginning to discover herself. I'm looking forward to seeing how she does this year - I think her attitude towards school is improving.

Yusef is off to a good start. He comes in from school and sets down to working on his homework right away. He's the middle son and I place a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. He's the one that does all the run and fetch from the supermarket and has the job of taking out the garbage and changing the cat's box. So far this year we haven't heard about any girlfriends - last year he had about six of them, including a girl that was 3 years older than he was! He's 11 now. I'm wondering what will happen a few years down the road. It's all cute now - I will probably be singing a different tune then.

Last year Nora was in the first year of general science. They have this idea of specialized high schools here in Libya. The kids basically have to choose what they want to do from the time they are 14 - an impossible task! Anyway, Nora decides this year that she hated general science and wanted to try out social science. She convinced her father to move her to another school and in doing so has to begin all over again - this means she has lost a year! But she is sure she wants this. I told her 'No more changes!'

Adam is fine as usual. Off to school - does his own thing. He was top of the school last year. I only worry about his grumpy and tough attitude. The chip that he always seems to carry on his shoulder. I keep telling him it's way too heavy to keep that chip there. Oh well, it's probably hereditary cause he acts just like his uncle (the Libyan one).

As for me, I will make it through this school year. I always do. I just keep looking in the mirror to see if I can spot any grey hairs. So far there aren't any so I guess I must be doing just fine!


  1. Hi Khadija

    God bless you all..
    Wish you the best in raising your family ,i gusse your hubby is a lucky man to have you, so is your kids ,,,again god bless you to them hope one day you see them good and resposible citizen
    Punch line

  2. I have some greys I am willing to part with if anyone is interested.

  3. It's nice to hear that everything is well. I'm sure you're going to miss all the sweet memories once your kids leave school for university and without even realising the time pass by they're ready for the outside world!

    what does this word, "SHARIZAD", means in Arabic

  4. A lot of this sound familiar...

    Our Mr. Grumpy, that's what we call him when he goes into a frenzy, has been so sweet the last two days, and I'm dreading what's to come next. I confirm it is hereditary and probably carried in the Libyan genes. (try the Mr. Grumpy thing, ours does not like it, so when he turns grumpy we start calling him that and it all turns into a joke and he lights up!)

    Lucky you, I have lots of gray hair for my very young age ;-)

  5. thats neat to hear about each of them and how they are doing... it is interesting to see how different each one can be.


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