Monday, September 12, 2005

Libyan cat story

Here's an interesting Libyan cat story I found. Click on the picture to see the site. Posted by Picasa


  1. Mashallah, a nice blog you have here. Please take a look at mine and link here if you find it of benefit.

  2. My camera needs to go in the shop. The gear that pops open and closed the lens needs to be replaced. Unfortunately the nearest place to get it fixed is in Tunisia. Insha'allah, I am hoping my husband will go before Ramadan to take his mother for a check up and he will take my camera too. If not I will probably buy a cheaper camera to use while I wait for it to be fixed (I'll then give it to the kids when mine is back in order).

    So you'll have to wait for any photofriday pictures - unless I have one that I've already taken in my files somewhere that will fit the challenge.

  3. If I saw some kids chasing a cat to hurt it, I would beat the living #@$$@!# out of them!

  4. hilarious =)

    and "travel box thingys" are still impossible to find over here...altho most libyan families have cats, i guess they're less mdala3 pets and more pest control.


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