Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Coming soon to a kitchen near you!

Ramadan will begin next week - an Islamic holy month dedicated to fasting and worship. Unfortunately women spend most of their days fasting in the kitchen preparing a huge meal to be eaten at sunset. I found this picture on a blog called Lightning Studio - a blog dedicated to the daily drawings and paintings by Marshall Hopkins (go check it out - his stuff is really nice!). It really represents what will be happening in my kitchen for about a month.

I'm taking the month off work to spend the time with my family. Hopefully we'll get out and see a bit of the countryside during the month as I usually try to prepare enough food to last two days. So one day in the kitchen and one day out. My camera is still on the blink - I'm hoping to get another cheaper one to use until I get it fixed. So hopefully you'll see some pictures of what's going on in my life during Ramadan. Posted by Picasa


  1. Hello
    Found your page through photofriday. That Burn photo of yours is really nice.
    I can't wait for Ramadan. I can't wait for all the food actually.

  2. So I take it you will not be visiting home this year...yet again?

  3. Thanks Ali! I am definitely not looking forward to the cooking and the messin the kitchen.

    Kristen - nope I am not going home - yet again.

  4. Ramdan karem for all

    well, im sorry to say the libyan thinking about only foods on ramdan..and these days..i can see how much they re crazy about foods..
    all foods shops is full people..buying many things ,and that made me thinking all that foods will have one the first day!!

    happy times..
    dont forget ramdan for praying and read Qran

  5. i have sent a new post on my blog about Ramdan on LovelyTripoli..
    hope that your going to see..



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