Monday, September 05, 2005


Now I can honestly say that I know the true meaning of the word mortified. What happened you ask? Well, of course it involved Ibrahim - that would only make sense.

We've been out shopping for school supplies and all the fun stuff that goes with it. This means having to take out the kids into the general public. I do my best to avoid that. When you have 6 kids and they are all very close together in age it can be difficult to keep them all under control - it's like being out on a class field trip (there is a reason that schools only do one or two of those every year).

Ibrahim is wild in the stores. He does all kinds of crazy things and is extremely hard to control. I am used to having to pay for things he has broken and spend most of the time apologizing profusely to shop keepers. It is hard to remain patient with him and usually I end up going home without buying anything (except for the things he has broken) because I spend more time worrying over Ibrahim and there isn't any time to concentrate on buying anything.

This time was different though. He didn't break anything - but he did climb into a display window and nearly fall out it, a drop of two stories. No, Ibrahim decided that it was time to nearly give his poor mother heart failure once and for all.

While we were shopping he decided he was bored and saw a nice man looking at him. I'm sure the man thought he must have looked cute or something - a nice little blond haired boy out shopping with his ajnabiyah (foriegn) mother. The man stuck his hand out to shake little Ibrahim's hand and he said 'Kay falek?' (How are you?).

Ibrahim just looked at him and said 'I'm fine.' - but then he added, 'Kay fal fatultik bad al ameliah?' (How's your penis since the operation?).

Shock! Pure shock on the poor man's face!

I didn't quite know what to do so I decided to pretend I didn't know what Ibrahim had said. But I was totally mortified. What will this boy do next?


  1. LOL!!! Hey, at least you know he can handle his own now.

    Great post, and good luck.

  2. NO way looooool ..Where on earth did he hear this ? at someone's circumsion party :)

    This is the most hilarious post ever thanks .

  3. LOL that was funny. I'm also wondering why he would even ask that.

  4. Ibrahim comes up with all kinds of weird things. I was always pretty much able to stay one jump ahead of my other kids, but Ibrahim is different. He does things none of the other kids have ever thought about before.

  5. oh god. kids are such idiots some times...

  6. I have a brother like this. Sister, take it one day at a time. He will do worse, but then he will do better.

    Meanwhile, I'll do some duas for you...


  7. Thanks Twennytwo - I need all the dua's I can get!


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