Sunday, September 04, 2005

School days

Yes, it's that time of year again. School started yesterday for elementary and middle school kids. I got four of my kids dressed up and sent them off with their father. A while later Mustafa came back with Jenna and Ibrahim. He said they would have to go in the afternoon.

I had been hoping to get all the kids in school in the morning this year. I hate this schedule. Hopefully the school will decide to open up a 1st and 4th grade class in the morning and then I will switch them to it. In the meantime I have the headache of constantly having kids either coming or going to school and the fight of getting the ones that go in the afternoon to do their homework in the morning (while I am trying to get housework etc. done). It seems like a never ending cycle.

Last night we dragged the kids out to buy their uniforms and shoes and let them pick out their backpacks. It was the usual push and shove. I hate every minute of it and finally told Mustafa I trusted his choice and went and sat in the car. Pure anxiety! Makes me appreciate how lucky I am to be either in my home or at work. Shopping in Libya is the pits!

Adam and Nora don't start school for another two weeks. They already have their uniforms and backpacks etc. At any rate I don't have to deal with their school problems at all - that is stricktly Mustafa's territory.


  1. Ahhh...summer time & back to school already. What's the school uniform like? Has the design stayed the same since the 80's? If it is then I think I remember what it's like!

    do open your recipe book & help me out! there's a question for you!

  2. It's probably about the same. The elementary school kids wear navy blue smock type tops with a white colar and a ribbon bow. Middle school has navy trousers and vest with a white shirt. High school has green army fatigues.

  3. Ah the smell of fresh books and pencils and stationery :)


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