Monday, July 18, 2005

Ibrahim can hear . . .

We took Ibrahim to a hearing specialist that comes once a month or so from Tunisia with his equpment for testing people here. Ibrahim was tested and is fine. Now we have top take him to the speach therapist as the specialist said it was just a speach thing. One more thing to check on our long list of things to do. . .

Today we went out looking at lighting - hard to decide what to buy - I just want to be sure it's easy to keep clean.

Sara and I had an afternoon out on Saturday - we both had our hair cut and I had my lashes tinted again - that lash thing is becoming an addiction - so nice not to have to wear mascara. On the way home we went window shopping and I ended up buying a nice watch - cost me 150 dinars but when I did a search on the internet for the same watch I found that if I bought it outside Libya it would have cost me twice the price. So I feel like I had a big bargain - that made me happy. I've got my eye on a Rado that's for 750 dinars . . . I'll have to see how much that would cost me from outside. They sell cheaper here because they dont have the big import charges on many goods here.


  1. I guess Sheila is still in Tripoli :)... mabrouk for the watch.. believe me things are much cheaper now in Tripoli, especially when you extrapolate the travel hassle.

  2. also glad Ibrahim can hear ....;)

  3. Glade you got new watch ...... but was it THE WATCH ?


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