Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A trying day . . .

I have had a trying day today. I woke up early for an appointment with the dentist. I had to get everyone up and going before leaving. When I got to the dentist he said I needed two crowns and referred me someplace else to get them done. Mustafa dropped me off at his mothers while he did some things at the building site.

I had a nice visit with my mother in law. She asked me if I would please take Zakia off her hands for a while - she said she needed a break. Zakia is my 'old maid' sister in law. She can be a royal pain in the neck. I tolerate her in small doses. She drives everyone crazy with her antics. Once in a while I give my mother in law a break and have Zakia stay with us. But this time I told my mother in law that I was in no mood to deal with her, maybe another time. The poor old woman looked desperate, but really, I don't feel like babysitting a 45 year old unmarried, uneducated virgin. I have enough on my plate already.

We sent Ibrahim off to summer school. The school where he had been going to kindergarten at is having a summer program. I get rid of him for three hours a day!! Yeah!!! He came home all excited and happy. He's already memorized all the names of the kids that are attending the program. Ibrahim is really a strange boy. He will drive the teachers there crazy!

I don't know what will happen when he starts school in September. He doesn’t sit still for more than few seconds and he is always up to some kind of trouble. He did make some progress by finally learning how to ride a bicycle. Every time we would buy him a bike he was never interested in riding it - only taking it apart. And he liked to turn the bike upside down and spin the pedals and watch he wheels go round and round - he could do this for hours. It was maddening! Finally this year he decided to get on and ride. It had training wheels on it but he got out the wrench from the toolbox and removed them. I was sure he would just continue to disassemble the bike as usual, but no, this time he got on and rode with two wheels like he'd been doing it all his life.

Ibrahim will continually surprise me. Most people think he's retarded or autistic or something because he's such an odd boy, but sometimes I wonder if he might be a genius. He does things none of my other kids ever thought of doing. There's a fine line between genius and retarded. I'm just happy that I have him - even though he drives me to the brink of madness sometimes.

Mustafa is going to have Ibrahim’s hearing tested sometime soon because I have always thought he might have some kind of hearing problems - he was a late talker and he has some speak impairment. My brother and sister had to go to speech therapy when they were little; maybe it's just a hereditary thing. Anyway we found a speech therapist - a rare find here in Libya and he recommended having Ibrahim’s hearing checked before he evaluates his speech. One more thing to add to Mustafa's very long list of things to do!


  1. It is great that you are catching it early, don't put it off. We noticed something in our son's speech that concerned us and brought him in. Within a few months he made incredible progress because they caught it early.

  2. Salam everyone,

    Mrs Teri, what you've said about your sister-in-law was a very cruel and nasty thing. I'm totally and utterlly surprised and disappointed!


  3. Susu - sorry you are utterlly surprised and disapointed. But what I said was not cruel - just honest. Think about it . . . there is a reason that she is not married at the age of 45 - it is because she is not a pleasant person to be around. No one wants to deal with - not even her own mother! Sad but true - and I don't like the idea of babysitting her. I only do it once in a while to give my poor mother in law (who is a saint) a break. Eventually the jb of being Zakia's babysitter will be foisted upon me because Mustafa is the oldest male member of his family and when his mother dies Zakia will probably come live with us. I don't look forward to it - not for a minute.

  4. I have a sister like that who actually found a husband, but I don't think it will last because she is seriously mentally ill... there is no way I would ever let her come to live with me... I totally understand... hopefully your new house will have a very separate guest area for her!!

  5. Yes - there must be something mentally wrong with her. The room for her has a bathroom and small kitchen - it is next to the garage and will be used as an office/guest room until she eventually occupies it.

    Yesterday my mother in law begged me to take Zakia again and I again said no. I feel guilty. . . but not that guilty! Poor mother in law. . .

  6. Hi Mrs Teri
    a quistion for Susu.

    Susu... if you were at Mrs Teri place would you baby sit 45 old maid un married un educated ???. I hope not.
    i totally understand Mrs Teri comment and i think she is being honest. so Susu please stop being Mother Teresa .this will make live very easy for your littel mind also dont pass judgment on something you havent got full picture of
    Mike Mambo Jammbo


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