Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Gnomes and fairies

Summer is a time when Libya turns brown. Spring is probably the best season here because the air seems fresh and wildflowers bloom. It's the greenest season. But then there is summer. The air becomes dusty and the wildflowers dry up and become brown. There are many species of thistles and other thorny plants. The one in the picture above is my favourite. The flower is the size of an orange and the thorns are long and sharp. The petals are a very light pink. Most people pull them up and get rid of them, but I've been letting them stay and now they have multiplied and become a rather dense low growing thicket. They are full of bees and beetles and small field mice . . . and hopefully gnomes and fairies too.


  1. I think that the summer is in the desert environment not good
    But a beautiful flower is by the amount of its danger

  2. I think the former owners of our place let the thistles go (and/or planted them because they were "beautiful")... and they basically took over our whole back yard... we have had to do a full scale attack and we still haven't won... now we can't use the back yard much as its full of thorns, thistles and burrs... which the cats and dogs don't like either...

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