Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tile woes

Mustafa and the tile-fitters have had some kind of disagreement. They have left and Mustafa is hiring another team. Part of the problem is that these guys work 2, 3 or more jobs at once. They go to each site in turn. So it's work a day for us and 2 days someplace else. Mustafa gets so angry. But the workers do this because they don't want to work one job at a time and then have to possibly wait between jobs - so this way they are always working (doing more than one at a time).

Mustafa in the meantime is very difficult to work for. He is extremely picky - a perfectionist. And he has trouble being diplomatic about things when they are not going the way he likes them. That means he yells a lot and insults the workers. I am always after him to stop doing that. But he says that it makes him so angry when the workers do stupid things and end up wasting not only time, but money as well. Each mistake costs more repairing the damage (like removing tiles and sometimes plumbing or even walls that were not put in correctly in the first place. Someone has to stand over the workers all day long, pointing out their errors. Mustafa has been gone all day - we'll see what the story is when he finally gets home.

The weather is humid and hot - and I feel like I am coming down with a cold or something. Most likely caused by going in and out of air conditioning. Looking on the bright side - tomorrow is the last day of the week. I hope to enjoy a restful weekend, catching up on some housework and relaxing. That is - if the kids will let me . . .


  1. [Mustafa in the meantime is very difficult to work for. He is extremely picky - a perfectionist.]

    That's dad is exactly the same and his name is Mustafa too!

  2. It must be a 'Mustafa thing'. The only thing he wasn't a perfectionist about was choosing me. I don't know what he was thinking when he did that!


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