Saturday, July 09, 2005

The perfect missed photo op

An amusing thing happened while we were out looking at tile and bathroom shops. There was a midget looking at bathtubs. He was telling the shop owner that he wanted a small tub, that the ones on display were too big. I wish I had my camera with me. The guy was leaning over - peering into these big bathtubs. It was so cute.

We are still doing the tile thing. I am getting sick of it. Most of the shops have tons of tile on display, and we look, argue about the tile and look some more. Finally we make a decision, only to find that the tile isn't available. I told Mustafa from now on when we walk into a shop we should bluntly ask, 'Exactly which tile do you really have? - we don't want to waste our time or yours.'

In the mean time Mustafa is dealing with the tile fitters who have this idea that they are artistes. If you don't stand on top of them they proceed on their own to make a creative mess. Mustafa arrived the other day to find the guy had made a kind of zig-zag pattern on the wall behind the bathtub. He got upset when Mustafa told him it had to be removed. I went yesterday and had a look - it was ugly! What was this guy thinking? Not only was it ugly, but it will take time to remove it and the tiles will end up being thrown out. More than a meter of tile (at 20 dinars a meter plus the workers fee, it adds up) Poor Mustafa is babysitting the tile fitters.

I will be happy when all this is over with - soon I will be moaning about windows, doors and painting. Oh progress!!

Mustafa called to say there is a play at a theatre this evening. He says it's a comedy and he offered to take the kids - all of them except Ibrahim. I get to spend the evening with Ibrahim. Yesterday he asked if we could go for a walk, so he will get his wish. I plan to walk his little legs off him, then get him home, give him a bath and throw him into bed.

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  1. The Midget ( little person for the P.C. person ) can have my tub , for only a midget could sit down it ! It has a wide mouth at the top but it narrows down to 2 inches at the bottom . The plumber refusses to believe it was too narrow at the bottom for my rather larger bottom !


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