Monday, July 25, 2005

humidity initiates insanity

It's been a busy few days and I am exhausted!

Last Thursday I had to work and as son as I got home the girls and I did a presto-chango and put on party clothes and went off to a birthday party. It was nice, but the music was loud (as usual) They had a very nice belly dancer hired to dance for the party. I actually like when they have that as it gets everybody moving and interested in the music.

Friday we collapsed. The weather was too hot to go out and do anything and we were too tired to do anything anyway.

Saturday we took Ibrahim to see a speech therapist. It was on the other side of town. The evaluation took a while as the therapist wanted Ibrahim to feel comfortable and not shy so he could really get an idea of the problems he was having. This man is very devoted to his work and had a school with approximately 70 students. Unfortunately the building he was renting from wanted their building back so he is currently without a location for his school. Just when you find someone that you think will be able to help us sort out Ibrahim's speech it turns out there is an obstical thrown in the path. The man hopes to find a suitable location to reopen his school by September - he will contact us when and if it happens. In the mean time he gave us some tips and pointers on how to begin working with Ibrahim ourselves. And he says that Ibrahims problem isn't a complex one and should be able to correct it without too much difficulty.

Sunday - back to work for me! Straight home from work and into the shower - another presto-chango into the party clothes and off to another party. This one is for my sister in law who gave birth to a baby girl. The weather was awful - very high humidity. My head was spinning to the point that I felt I might faint. I got home - back into the shower and then collapsed in bed.

My schedule is totally booked this week. If it wheren't for the weather it wouldn't be so bad, but this weather makes me feel awful. I'm drinking so much water that I feel like a walking water balloon. Everything feels soggy, even with the air conditioning going full blast. And the constant woooo wooooo wooooo noise that the air conditioner makes drives me mad. I feel like I live in the middle of a vaccume.

I will survive, won't I? (that's a tag question)


  1. Don't worry you will...ehh...will it still be summer when we start fasting?

  2. it's maddening eh party time.... I like the fact that you can hire a belly dancer now the trend started last year and a couple of years back when the libyan DJ girls were dancing as well in weddings ...i really like it because it saves to have to ask the guests to clap and dance etc... especially if you don't have tons of cousins :) not that anything in my opinion will let the libyan girls sit down unless the music is reallllllllllly boring .

  3. you will survive... as will I... the heat is bad this year eh? sounds like its bad there too...

  4. it's sooo hot that when you call me on the phone after work , my tongue refusses to work and sounds won't come out of my mouth . sorry ! When will it end ? My ankles are renting space from the leg next door !


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