Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Year's Posts - 2009 Roundup

I'm wrapping up the year again. I'm happy to see the end of 2009. It was a difficult year for me in more ways than one. Anyway here is the roundup of events I've blogged about in 2009:

The beginning of the year starts off with a trip to Leptis Magna with family and friends. The rest of the month finds me sick with some kind of virus.

The kids have their school holidays and we take a trip to the countryside. I visit sick in-laws and question the use of pain relieving drugs in Libya.

The month begins with a trip to Ben Walid. Later in the month my favourite aunt passes away and I help to prepare her for her final journey which looking back had a profound effect on my life.

Some progress is made on our house, my water bed springs a leak and I learn how to sleep on a regular mattress. I drive and listen to audio books; multitasking at it's best!

My only brother passes away unexpectedly and Ibrahim and I make the trip home to Florida to be with my family. It's a very sad month for me.

I return to Libya and suffer a bit of culture shock. Lots of progress on the new house as the kitchen cabinets are installed.

We begin the hunt for furniture for the new house. Summer's oppressive heat slows down progress and causes lots of frustration.

A toothache means agony and trips to the dentist. The holy month of Ramadan begins and we move house. More furniture shopping and my PC bites the dust.

The end of Ramadan and Eid keep everyone busy. School clothes and Eid clothes are added to the list of things to shop for. I return to my role as Taxi Mom as we continue to adjust to life on the farm.

I write about the custom of removing your shoes at the door and about the changes going on in Tripoli. We get the first rains of the season.

A guest post from Look Out Libya starts off the month. The flu strikes... is it the dreaded Swine Flu? Sickness and recovery for me. Eid Adha seems a blur as I cough my way through the holiday.

I recover from the flu. The girls and I get haircuts. I report on an earthquake off the coast of Misurata at the end of the month. We eat anniversary cake and hubby and I reminisce about 27 years of marriage. I mostly relax and enjoy life while I contemplate the good and bad of 2009 and make plans for a busy 2010.


  1. Wish your next year, you'll get more relax, and it brings you joy and happiness.

    love you

  2. Say bye to 2009, unfortunately,as we get older, more and more people we know pass away. May God give us help with coping at these times.
    Here's hoping your next year will be happier. It should be less stressful now you have moved into your house
    All the best for 2010

  3. Belated happy anniversary. Hope 2010 brings joy and comfort to you and your family. Good post to sum up the year, I might steal the idea.

  4. Heba and Aileen... thanks

    Hannu... go ahead and use my idea. It's a good way to recap the events of you.


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