Tuesday, December 22, 2009

That's a lot of psychos!

I've been doing quite a bit of reading lately. Not any book or any thing in particular, just reading. I've been using Google Fast Flip , the Times Skimmer and Wordds and reading whatever headlines seem to jump out at me. I like these three websites because the articles are all current and up to date. When I find something that really strikes me as interesting I look up more information about the subject using Wikipedia.

Today something led me to look up psychopathy. I never really truly understood the subject before reading what Wikipedia had to say. I found out some amazing facts:

  • One, psychopaths are predators who use charm, manipulation, sex and violence to control others and satisfy their needs.
  • Two, they lack the ability to show empathy and they have no conscience - no guilt and no remorse!
  • Three, forget about a cure because there are no medications or effective treatment for psychopaths. Even talk therapy is useless because they will just learn to be more manipulative.
  • Four, this is the scariest fact of all..... they estimate that one percent of the general population are psychopaths! If my math is correct, that means that there are about 60,000.... gulp.... psychopaths in Libya! (and a whole lot more in other parts of the world) That is really amazing!
I wonder how many of them have posted comments on my blog????


  1. Has Rahim (A.K.A. Valentin) commenting on your blog again?

  2. Kristen... haven't had him lately unless he's changed his name. I've had some really strange one's lately though... sigh...

  3. I think I might know a couple of them, though I keep a large distance!!


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