Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tasteful home decor... or maybe not

We are back to looking for furniture again after having taken a break for a while. A lot of the shops still have the same merchandise that they had a few months ago. We get in the car and go from shop to shop hoping to find the perfect dining room table (that seats eight). No luck so far.

The marbowa (men's sitting room) needs to have custom made furniture. It's the room with traditional Libyan decor... so we need to pick out some gaudy upholstery so that the Libyan visitors will feel comfortable. Something that borders on seizure level. I draw the line at covering everything with clear plastic... why do they do that?.... ewe...


  1. attash a picture for vote!!!

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  2. "so we need to pick out some gaudy upholstery so that the Libyan visitors will feel comfortable. Something that borders on seizure level."

    This was HILARIOUS! I can't stop giggling.

    I remember those days of looking for decent furniture in a foreign country-lol-I hope you find what you're looking for InshaAllah
    and it's something that won't cause seizures. :)

  3. "gaudy upholstery so that they can feel comfortable"

    Very stereotypical. But of course you're always seeking to provoke a reaction.

  4. anonymous... not being stereotypical.. Libyan upholstery definitely has the WOW factor when it comes to colours and patterns. When Libyans come to my house they think my choice of decor is too bland. I can tell that my inlaws don't feel comfortable sitting on my furniture... they keep asking where the mindars (floor cushions) are! And they constantly ask why my furniture has such plain, neutral colours. They feel like they are in a foreign place when they visit. So the marbowah is going to be Libyan... just so they will feel at home.

  5. You're so right about gaudy! And it's not just the furniture. A German I know has a beautiful website, very lowkey, understatement, tasteful (for European taste anyway).A Libyan friend thought it looked "poor." Not enough stuff on it! I think your place looks great and would love to see the girls' rooms, but I understand they don't want their private space on the Internet!

  6. maybe u married into the "rednecks" of libya hahaha .. they love the loud colors..and who still sit on the floor.. my inlaws have a gorgeous home with beiges, cream and just the really nice neutral colors.. so im blessed!!! theyre home is prettier than mine!!


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