Sunday, December 13, 2009

A long day from start to finish

It was a big day yesterday. When I sit back and look at all that happened it seems like a dream. Run, run run from the first thing in the morning until the night.

First on the schedule was to take the girls to have their day with Sheila. Three girls having 'me time'. Nora and Sara went first. They always want a haircut but at the same time they don't want it to look like it's been cut. They want their hair to be as long as possible. So after a trim and shape and some texturizing and they now look fabulous!

Then it was Jenna's turn. She had this style in mind that was like Halle Berry in Catwoman... but Sheila took one look at the pictures and said it just wasn't gonna happen. Jenna has three times as much hair as Halle Berry. But no worries... she would give her something similar, but better.

This is the before picture.

This is how much hair came off Jenna's head!

And this is after... Jenna looking very pleased with the outcome!

She says I have to pay her 10 dinars for every picture of her on my blog!

We had a great morning and then it was time to head for home. I threw together lunch and then headed out the door for an afternoon with OTE. We had plans to spend the afternoon and part of the evening shopping.

Can you guess where we went? It didn't involve clothes, or shoes or accessories. Fine jewelry was not on our list, nor was cosmetics. What on earth could two mature ladies find to keep them shopping all afternoon?

Well if you guessed DIY you are almost there.... OTE and I spent the afternoon at the new Ace Hardware store in Beviuw. It was wonderful! We went from aisle to aisle looking at all the things that have been unavailable in Libya for the last twenty or so years. They have all kinds of stuff in there! Murphy's Oil Soap, closet organizers, Ball canning jars, cast-iron pans, patio furniture, real toilet paper from America, the list goes on and on. I have to go back to get a leaf blower for my garden... they have three to choose from!

Next door is a new supermarket that was well stocked and clean... no more going through the traffic and fighting for a parking space... Mahari, I'm sorry... but you are out of my life now. I've found Usrah.

OTE and I had a great time. I'm glad we went together because the experience just wouldn't have been the same with anyone else. I think the shop clerks had just as much fun watching us enjoy the store.

After dropping OTE off at her house I headed to my in-law's. My mother-in-law is heading for Tunis today for medical treatment and I wanted to wish her a safe trip. The doctors here said she needs a bypass and so now it's off to Tunis for another opinion and treatment. I wish I could go with her but the kids have school and I have work... sigh. So I'll just have to pray from here that all goes well for her.

A new week... lots to do.... always busy, busy, busy (the way I like it).


  1. Love Jenna's new do!!! It's adorable. What a fun day for all you girls. I'll be keeping your MIL in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I had a ball yesterday Khadijateri!Thank so much for a great time ! Prayers go out to your MIL and inshallah all will be ok with her treatment . Tell Jenna she looks MARVELOUS DARLINK !!! OTE

  3. OMG! I LOVE that haircut. I wish I could get a closer picture of the front and back to take to my hairdresser here in the states. I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You give me hope. How are the Ace & supermarket fairing a year later? I'll need directions when I come in summer 2011. I have to see this. I'm so excited finally products I would actually buy.


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